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  • naples_fantastic_penthouse naples_fantastic_penthouse Sep 26, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    TED CRUZ REMINDS US OF HISTORICAL JESUS (not the phony Gospel version)


    The real Jesus was a Jewish leader who fought the Romans and inspired the local citizenry to fight and deal with Roman oppression. The Romans responded with a lynching. Of course, 300 years later we got the Romans themselves rewriting history to make themselves look better by blaming the Jewish people and turning their Jewish leader not just into a martyr but, God himself! what bull! But, we now see in America what happens to a man who speaks out against the "money changers" and the "oppressive rulers" - the non-responsive Congress.

    Ted Cruz is really not much different than the rebellious Jesus who listened to his people and urged them to resist Roman oppression. Cruz stands nearly alone - with the people - while the corrupt Democriminals and their Republican accomplices - feed at the trough - steel our money - and promote the agenda of a Sharia loving/anti-American socialist. (A Magic Knee-Grow). Americans have had enough. We love Ted Cruz. He's the modern day Jesus - looking to save America from national socialism. We're with Ted all the way.

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