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  • bad_stocks_deserve_to_die bad_stocks_deserve_to_die Oct 5, 2013 12:28 PM Flag


    Republicans had their chance to reform health care which was going crazy in this country......they did not. They failed.

    Now we have Obamacare. Give it a chance to will. It will work and folks will come to depend on it like social security and medicare. Both very popular programs.

    This is all about the rich not wanting to give their fair share in support to this country's poor. We are indeed in the age of the new Robber Barons like the Koch Brothers.

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    • But, but, but,.......Obama's Birth Certificate!

    • Ever hear of personal responsibility? Government fraud and wasteful spending is the result that we will see just like SMS and Medicare.

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      • These replies are so typical of the Fox News Crazies anthology that all the folks who don't have health insurance don't because of their own fault. Blame the victims.

        How is it lack of personal responsibilty when a person CANNOT get or AFFORD health insurance coverage due to a pre-existing medical condition?

        And how is it a person's fault who lose coverage because they just got a diagnosis of cancer and they are dropped by their insurer?

        And don't forget, these policies are not free.....premiums are paid according to ability to pay. It is not a free ride.

        I can't stand the right wing response to Obamacare which can basically be summarized as to blame the victims for their own circumstances due to laziness.

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