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  • pennelopechase pennelopechase Nov 27, 2013 4:48 PM Flag


    Out goes maria bartaroma, in comes kelly evans. how obvious is this, right? better watch out mandy, you are next to go just watch. welch clearly pays according to vedeo pull based on appearance. anyone else seeing this?

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    • barfaroma was abrasive and abusive during live interviews. she had been for a long time.
      i'd like to see michelle carusa cabrerra go. she's one sided, obnoxious and vindictive, and actually called a guest "ignorant". add to that, her past facial surgery is fading.
      you know, bloomberg business had the best babes for years, then they got rid of most of them.
      but more important, if you have a decent personality, it shows.
      someone like sue hererra is friendly, and doesnt push her point of view as much as others.
      what these personalities dont realize is that no one gives a rip what barfaroma thinks.
      we want barfaroma to ask good, fair questions, and get an answer.
      and let it go, if the guest doesnt say what they want them to say.
      this isnt waynes world, or marias world.
      when i see a guest, i want to hear what he thinks.
      generally the less education you have, the more narrow minded you are, and less likely to respect others.
      but liberal schools are teaching disrespect.
      sad to say, but sometimes on the news, teachers are getting what they instill in pupils.
      and other liberal bastions like newscasters and actors also show the dis.

    • Economics 101: Beauty is a depreciating asset.

    • Unfortunately, you are correct.

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