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  • john2bgood john2bgood Dec 23, 2013 12:44 PM Flag

    Gallup: Record 72% say big government is greatest threat

    Gallup: Record 72% say big government is greatest threat

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    • Remember we have a federal gov't that is supposed to adhere to the constitution. All the idiots in congress need to do is to cancel all of the programs that the constitution does not allow. Things like commerce, welfare, education, farm bill, energy, subsidies, and on and on and on.
      Congress has taken many of the state responsibilities and given them to the federal gov't believing they were saving on their state costs. Actually it has cost them more.
      True, federal gov't should not have been involved with SS or Medicare, but the people paid into these programs for years, therefore they should receive the benefits they paid for. Now cancel both programs. Give back to the people what they paid in.

    • Are these the same people that say "keep your government hands off my Medicare"?

    • The military is one of the biggest government programs.

    • why would we be afraid of Big Government ?
      They take 45% of my income.
      They just forced the cancellation of my golden health care program.
      They haunt me everytime I do my taxes.
      They dictate what my children can eat at school...... no fries or soda, etc..., etc...
      They dictate the size, water flow, and dimensions of my toilet.
      They force interest rates to zero so I get no return on my savings.
      It goes on and on and on.........

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      • You are fortunate rembrandt that someone is looking out for you. Some of what you posted saves you money and you don't appreciate that. If they haunt you doing your taxes you must be trying to cheat the government which is us. LOL If you as a parent would take some responsibility about what your kids consume they wouldn't be overweight. As to your golden health care program, your company cancelled that. Do new negotiations.

      • two incongruous statements: "take 45% of my income" and "force interest rates to zero so I get no return on my savings" ... 45% implies top FIT rate of 39.6% which implies you make several hundred thousand per year implying you are smart with something of value to contribute ... second statement is that of a stupid imbecile ... low interest rates are a good thing and only an imbecile would not redeploy "savings" from zero return "investments" to stocks where even an imbecile would have earned over 150% by a dumb index fund, far more if trading individual stocks ...

      • They make you wear a seat belt too. You should stop wearing yours.

    • yawn

      Republicans Especially Likely to See Big Government as Threat

      Even though Americans have always viewed big government as the greatest threat, the degree to which they do so has varied. In recent decades, since the start of the Clinton administration, perceptions of big government as a threat have varied depending on the party of the president. Since Barack Obama took office in 2009, an average of 64% of Americans have named big government as the greatest threat. That is up from an average 56% during George W. Bush's administration from 2001-2008, but similar to the 65% average from 1993-2000 during the Clinton administration.

      This pattern is largely driven by Republicans, who generally are more likely to be concerned about the size and power of government, and this concern is amplified when a Democrat is president. Democrats are more likely to see government as a threat when a Republican is in office; however, they tend to see government as less threatening than Republicans do, and their concern about big government topped out at 62% in 2005 under Bush.

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