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  • ocean_penthouseview_naplesfl ocean_penthouseview_naplesfl Jan 20, 2014 7:50 PM Flag


    Just take an honest, (intellectually honest) look at America's Blacks. A group that commits 80% of America's violent crime...yet, is only 20% of the population. A group that scores the lowest on IQ scores and SAT scores. A group with the lowest rate of high school graduation in the country. A group that has 90% of its newborn babies born out-of-wedlock. A group that shoots first thinks later. A group - that on balance - has not proven it can handle living in an advanced, high tech society....(and by extension....uses up resources that other more deserving groups could enjoy while being less destructive.....think Asians).

    Martin Luther King Jr. would have been disgusted with the people whom he died for. In part, it was his efforts that led to a level playing field for ALL races and look who has come up short. America's Blacks. And, where is the dishonest Leftwing Academic/Media establishment? MOOT! UNABLE TO SPEAK UP! LOOKING THE OTHER WAY! BLAMING OTHERS!

    Americans know what is going on. We have a group that has embarrassed itself thoroughly. America generously gave opportunity and big money to OJ, to Michael "king of paedophilia" Jackson, to Len Bias, to Marvin "tire iron" Barnes. To Jayson "I shot my limo driver to death" Williams of the New Jersey Nets. we see a Sharia Loving Affirmative Action Hero - skruw up the world - as an AL QAEDA flag flies
    proudly over Fallujah and other A-rab cities - creating the CALIPHATE.....and MAO-bamacare - a disaster of all disasters on the home front.

    American Blacks don't take responsibility for their vote or their actions. Just another toke on the CRACK PIPE on MLK day. By the way, they ask, "WHO THE HECK WAS MLK?"

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