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  • foxnewsbschecker3 foxnewsbschecker3 May 20, 2014 1:31 PM Flag

    The Koch Brothers are going after retired autoworkers pensions now.


    LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Americans for Prosperity, the conservative advocacy group supported by the Koch brothers, has launched an effort to torpedo a proposed settlement in the Detroit bankruptcy case, potentially complicating chances for completing the deal just as its prospects seemed to be improving.

    The organization, formed to fight big government and spending, is contacting 90,000 conservatives in Michigan and encouraging them to rally against a plan to provide $195 million in state money to help settle Detroit pension holders' claims in the case, a key element of the deal.

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    • And nutcake lib democon trolls like you wonder why the democrap party has a "dumbed down" reputation............

    • foxnewsbschecker3 - LOL! at you. 10 to 2 folks think your posting above is crazy. Go find one of Obama's shovel ready jobs he promised in 2009. A real days work would kill a lazy liberal liar like you. Ha! ha! truth hurts.

    • fox, moe is correct, the city retirees are not UAW workers. Most of the retirees are receiving benefits from corrupt city officials and corrupt city union. I still like what FDR had to say about unions: "Unions in the private sector, no unions in any gov't".
      I have been a gov't employee off and on during my work career and I am here to tell you that any thing the gov't does except defense is most inefficient and corrupt. I worked as a VA counselor once, my efficiency was rated by how much I drove. I worked as a state counselor, my efficiency here was rated by how many people I talked to each day- I had to talk to just 6. Guess what? I never talked to more than 6.
      We need to dramatically reduce all of the programs that gov't is involved in.
      ------my brother democrats will hate me for the above. JMHO.

    • Those aren't "autoworkers." You don't even understand what you read. Typical Obama voter.

    • Calls mount for Obama to speak out on VA scandal, new allegations surface
      Published May 20, 2014

      White House spokesman Jay Carney, pressed by reporters for reaction from President Obama to the burgeoning VA scandal, said his boss is "mad as hell" -- but as Memorial Day approaches, the questions about his public silence are getting louder, even as fresh allegations surface about VA workers "gaming" the system at the expense of veterans' care.

      The president has said little about the controversy since reports surfaced a month ago about patients dying while waiting for care at a Phoenix VA facility. He dispatched his chief of staff, Denis McDonough, to discuss the issue on a Sunday show this past weekend -- the most in-depth comments so far came from embattled VA Secretary Eric Shinseki during his congressional testimony last week.

      Carney said Tuesday that White House Deputy Chief of Staff Rob Nabors, who is assisting in an internal review, is visiting the Phoenix center as part of that process. Asked if the president would comment soon, Carney said he had no update on Obama's schedule.

      A day earlier, Carney was pressed on why Obama has not addressed the public. Carney suggested an address of some kind is being planned but did not elaborate.

      "I'm sure you'll hear from him at some point on this issue soon," Carney said.

    • Sic 'em Koch Brothers and good luck Americans for Prosperity. Bring some fiscal common sense to Detroit.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Nothing to do with retired autoworkers........genius.

    • Pensions are a part of a person's pay. Not living up to them is the same as promising to pay someone $50/hr but only paying them $25/hr. No wonder rich right wingers are for it.

    • Actually those are not autoworkers, they are municipal workers.

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