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  • woodshop_woody woodshop_woody May 25, 2014 9:06 AM Flag

    So, Farland, what's the big difference between 4 dead in Benghazi and 4000 dead in Iraq?


    You blame Obama and Clinton for Benghazi's 4 dead, who are you blaming for Iraq's 4000?

    Be specific.

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    • One was a military conflict approved by BOTH political parties, based on Clinton CIA information that indicated WMD. Benghazi was the result of failure of the Obama State Department, under Hillary Clinton to provide additional security, when it was strongly requested; while that same State Department was removing people from other embassies in the region. They also LIED about the reason for the attack, because it didn't fit with Obama's reelection stump speech. Then there was a massive cover up, which continues nearly two years after the event. I would say there are massive differences. Of course, fanatical Democrats keep trying to push the cover up, just like Richard Nixon did. Of course, there are no Howard Bakers in the Democratic party to demand to know what the president knew and when did he know it. I would say that is the BIG difference, that Democrats lack anyone who seeks the truth.

    • GOP Rep.: House Passed a Dozen VA Reform Bills that Are DOA in Senate

      Sunday, May 25, 2014

      Harry Reid has not brought any of the House VA reform bills to the Senate floor for consideration while veterans are dying as they wait for care.
      Check it out:

      While the president pounds his fist and proclaims he’s “madder than hell” over the VA scandal and then just asks for more time to review and investigate, House Republicans are getting pretty tired of the do-nothing Senate and a president who claims to only learn about problems in his administration on cable news.

      Rep. Jackie Walorski (R., Ind.) sits on the Veterans’ Affairs Committee in the House and she told me Wednesday on WMAL radio in Washington, D.C., that the House has passed a dozen bills for reform of the VA and they are collecting dust on Harry Reid’s desk:

      REP WALORSKI: In the past 18 months, since I’ve been a member of Congress, we’ve passed, on the House floor, at least 12 reform VA bills. Mandating the VA to fix different things, mandating the VA to report different things, mandating them to fix their website, bipartisan bills that went to the Senate, and they are DOA on the Senate side

    • I blame the commander and chief who presided at the exact time the soldier died. Since the President has the ability to end the war the moment he takes office. I also blame the rules of engagement which Obama has used to make deaths of our troops far more likely. Does that help?

    • What about the 50,000+ dead in Viet Nam? LBJ said it is a must. And for what? After killing thousands you gave South Nam to North Nam. Pretty much said excuse me.

    • In my opinion we should not have gone into Iraq. Now Saddam did not help by blocking UN inspectors and putting out misinformation. But Saddam did not fear us. He feared the Persians. His historical enemy.

      Bush should not have gotten us into the war. I understand his reasoning but disagree with his conclusions. However this was all in the wake of 9/11 so America was still shell shocked. I blame the congress for giving him a free hand. One of the main jobs of the congress is to oversight the president. They neglected their duties too.

      I blame Bush for having an invasion plan but no plan for afterwards. I blame the democrats in congress for tying his hands. Once in he should have carried a big stick. But he wimpled out and the enemy smelled weakness.

      When they started to looting the museums we should have come down hard. We did not. We sat and watched. I blame the military for not destroying weapons depots as they passed them.

      We should not have gone into Iraq but once there we should have fought the dame war.

    • Who do you blame for the 500,000+ dead in the civil war? You people seem to forget we live in the present not the past. Wake up.

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