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  • hipilot.rm hipilot.rm Jul 4, 2014 10:44 AM Flag

    Happy Independence Day, America.

    We’re all going to celebrate tonight, but I have to admit, it almost feels contradictory. Why bother toasting our independence when more Americans than ever before seem eager to live completely dependent lifestyles? The fallout of the Hobby Lobby ruling this week was a sadly predictable example of this. Millions of Americans are furious – outraged even – that government cannot force employers to pay employees for the various accessories they want to use during sexual intercourse.

    Can you imagine having to pay out of pocket for such things? Quelle horreur!

    America is divided. The partisan fracture has become so gaping we can’t even see each other anymore. It used to be we could make our arguments on how to better America, let the chips fall where they may, then head home united as Americans. The attacks on 9/11 briefly restored that sense of we’re all in this together. But that was short lived. Now it’s back to the routine game playing and name calling – hatemonger, racist, moron, sexist, and so forth. Out of all the problems we face, none is more pressing than this. A nation divided against itself cannot stand.

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    • Hipilot: If you would have left out the sentence about more Americans wanting to live a dependent lifestyle, it would have been a great post. People I know are working very hard to support their families. Unfortunately, those in the middle and lower income brackets are being taken advantage of because more of the coin is going to the top income citizens, many that don't really work but gain by playing the markets.

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      • rdietsche, please explain how investors in the stock market, like me, deprive any other citizen of the means for them to earn a living. Where do you think the capital needed for creating jobs comes from? Clearly you are not an investor. "Playing the Market", like any other self employment, takes study, effort, and a strong stomach.

      • He doesn't like sex. It's the only thing I was able to gather from his post. The reality is that birth control allows women to have some control over their lives, the consequences associated with sex for a man are different than those for women. There are two things that make birth control uncomfortable for conservatives. First, sex scares them. Second, birth is supposed to be determined by a god somewhere, not by the presumptive parents. It is important to note that these same people opposed the germ theory of disease because it diminished God's role in life. Same thing here.

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