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  • HOT4TCHR98 HOT4TCHR98 Feb 26, 1998 10:35 PM Flag

    Let's take a Tally marketstrategist

    Since January, NYSE up 9% and NASDAQ up 19%. This is a bear market? When it gets to be a bull market let me know.

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    • you said:

      my response: Bollocks. It will see $10/sh before it will see 100/sh

      tee-hee! this is fun!

    • Actually, it stands for Fornicator, _nlawful _arnal _nowledge. The word was posted above people who were placed in the stocks who committed adultery in Puritan New England. But we digress.

    • Your foul messages are not welcome on this board. Please refrain from posting any more like those. You are more than welcome to post on any board, but the vulgarity will not be tolerated on this board.

      This GE board is one of the best on Yahoo, because the posters ask good questions, many post well formed opinions even if to disagree with another poster, provide good information, and even some good hearty cheerleading. But in all cases, only the transients engage in juvenile vulgarity. You claim to actually have shares of GE, but please cleanse your messages. I would actually like to read some of your unadulterated opinions.

      We all are here because we believe in GE. It is a very good performer. Everyone makes money on this stock. I think we will hit 90 by June 1. IMHO

    • Knock it off
      you are giving the rest of us a bad name. Have fun where you are, post your trash but do it tackfully. You were sent there hopefully with some education, use it.


    • My position in Ge matters in that I am a big fan who just doesn't
      to get lazy about the investment choices that I make. Maybe
      when you are done slapping yourself on the back for being such
      a great investor, you will kill YOURSELF!!!!!

    • Does this matter ?

      The following quote:
      "And besides, I have more of a position in GE then you will ever know."

      Go back to your donkey. You are sick. You need help if you
      refer to someone as a part of the mail genitalia [SP].

      You should sell if you need to write this garbage.

    • Sorry, no it was not. It was more to get notice.

    • You are the one with half a brain. Talking about spliting was
      not a complaint. It was about making genuine discussion of GE
      and it's prospects. That means all the good or bad ideas. I
      think you come here for a slap on the back to think to yourself
      "I am such a great investor". And besides, I have more of a
      position in GE then you will ever know.

    • Subject: Soudabay ONLY HAS HALF A BRAIN.

      Dear Mr., Mrs., Ms. Soudabay

      This is in reply to your pissing and moaning message # 552 &
      556 .

      You evidently only have HALF a brain. In fact, you are
      so stupid that I can hear your ears rubbing together.
      Did you realize that when you bought GE, you
      could also sell it if you were not happy with the stock ?
      As far as I know, no investor has a gun to their head to own
      this security. I think you should probably sell as soon
      as possible because it show in your message that you
      are all stressed out and that you should probably be in a
      Bond Mutual Fund.

      If you for one instance think that your message does
      anyone any good, then you are quite wrong. I like to go
      to these message boards and read good and interesting
      information about this company. I do not want to hear
      from a bunch of whining and belly aching investors
      writing and complaining about loosing a few bucks,
      or as far as that goes, how this company is run.

      Four letter words do not have a place on these boards.

      Please leave , so the rest of us investors do not have
      to kick your butt. Do we have to draw you a picture ?

    • If you or anyone wants too get into a definition about the F word, besides it offends a lot of people, I still have trouble finding it in the dictionary...........But as far as GE going, have too agree with you........

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