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  • jacat62 jacat62 Oct 4, 2012 7:56 AM Flag

    Its been over 30 days. Check Mate Teebrane

    what is the latest from the FDA?

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    • Well, he is over on cvv giving me trading lectures for not taking the ride back down with him from 11 when i advised a sell on margin change requirements, and because i dare to trade with stops, and smell resistence and weakness on #$%$ beta with small cap index. when the "only two things" he owns, PIP and CVV are down enormously yoy and completely defying market beta in one of the best seasons we have ever had, but of course he factored in at some miracle price so it is "house money" he loses on his "investment block" while "tradies" and superior patience are getting the better of all of us, when selling before the fall and rebuying would be the better move by my math no matter how you look at it. Weak as circus lemonade, and all he does is turn up the disdain when i say i take my cash i intraday, which he says is treating the market like a casino, when i see it more like an atm. I am not a buy and hold guy, sue me for making money. Tried engage the guy in civil conversation, but he kept giving me grief after i gave him tpx and ugld recos that sure as heck are playing better than the only two things he owns. some people talk pretty, but lead you down the wrong path, that is my assessment of that know it all. Said he doesn't want to share his playbook with me when i asked about PIP breaking support pivot on an 80 point up day. Put him on ignore if you don't want his writing skills and feigned confidence to suck you dry. Got out of cvv at 11 and he gives me nothing but crap for advising to hold off til earnings when they are range trading between 9.6-9.9 at 52 week low while the market is topping out, Unpleasant and wrong make for an irritting combo. Being nice to the guy does little for you.

    • The FDA required more data - not a big deal. The big deal to me is the number of insiders selling this stock - over 50% of the institutional owners during the past 2 quarters - whoa ... this stock is PROBABLY going lower!

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