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  • dwg7344 dwg7344 Feb 17, 2013 7:45 AM Flag

    Where have you been comaisat?

    Appeals court favored for PIP. Siga took it to supreme cout, which has heard arguments. Decision should come within next 60-90 days Take your dumb a-- back to siga board where you belong with all your other idiots that said PIP has won no court decisions, only summaries. You do not go from summaries to the Supreme Court. You go through courts, appeal courts, than the Supreme Court as last resort! Don't care if you like my grammer or spelling. Anyone with common sense knows you do not got from no court decisions to the supreme court! You siga pumpers need to stay on your siga board.If you do not like what the f--- I have to say, What The F--- Are You Doing On Our Board? I don't post on your board, critique your spelling or grammer. But when people have no leg to stand on, you always fall back on grammer or spelling to make you feel superior! You-all have a nice day! I always put you dummies on IGNORE! If I have mispelled or have used incorrect grammer, tough s---! There is no longer any edit your post on yahoos f-----d up message board .

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    • I obviously have not been following the sad saga of PIP/SIGA litigation and I am staying away from this freak board of useless comments.

    • You're wrong, blowhard. No "appeals" court ever heard this case. Parsons ruled. The Parsons himself reviewed Siga's concerns and affirmed his own decision. Then parsons released the final judgement including the terms of the profit split because the two parties could not agree. The next step was to the Delaware supreme court, where we now wait.

      I'm really tired of reading this #$%$ about "four" court rulings, all agreeing with PIP. There is one delusional judge here making all these decisions and personally re-wrriting Delaware law, and the higher court will at long last bring justice to SIGA. Did SIGA negotiate in poor faith? Yes, very possibly. Did PIP's lawyers do shoddy work by apparently "overlooking" the words "not binding" on every page? Definitely. But PIP has no case for anything approaching half the profts of the drug, especially after Parsons ruled the LATS to be a non-binding agreement. PIP gets $10 million and case dismissed.

    • ROFLMAO!!!!! You are hilarious!

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