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    OK, someone on SIGA board found this case and I thought I would, AGAIN, post facts on the case. I give them full credit for being an ace at research. Jacobs was one of the justices writing the opinion and the one questioning PIP's lawyer. It was in Nov. 2012.

    Stop with your personal attacks and dumb personal comments with no analysis. I am posting here so the PEOPLE CAN HEDGE IF THEY WANT. I am short nothing.

    I am not a "yes" man and if you think presenting facts and original sources is a bad thing so people can decide, then move on, I am not talking to you. The link is below. Thanks.

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    • My view of this case is that Titan's Expectation Damages was based on how much they (Titan) could have earned with the $25M if they invested it in other entities rather than Freedom. That is speculative. With PIP / SIGA, the "expectation" was laid out clearly in the lats (that were agreed to as an enforceable document after the original lats was signed as non-binding). So, SIGA basically said, "Invest in us, here is your potential (as stated in the lats) and when that potential came to fruition, they said, "wait, we were just kidding, we didn't think it was going to be that much." As stated earlier - that is what I believe the heads I win, tails you lose scenario SIGA pulled and what the Supreme Court Justice was referring to in the oral arguments ... For the record, I am long PIP and would be short SIGA if I had extra $$$. Furthermore, the guys at AEGIS are far more smarter than me (and have been dead on on some past upgrades / price targets), so I am hopeful they had their legal team review this case thoroughly and are certain too PIP will win big in this case.

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      • First of all, thank you for the decency in a real discussion and difference in opinion. My only thing is that 99% of all Wallstreet Firms are dirty, scummy and are out to screw the normal investor (i.e. non-institutional). I know they do PR and everyone says trust me.....

        So I would take what these firm say with a grain of salt. I have seen many times where they make a recommendation and short it in their proprietary account. Look at Goldman and JPM.

        But that is a side note. What I am saying here is that people need to start to looking at the parts and do primary research, whether they agree or disagree. All I am saying is that you have Jacobs who is not inclined to see a contract in the past .... maybe he will here and maybe he won't.

        Good luck to all and I hope everyone makes money ..... bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered.

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