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  • pawnpower2000 pawnpower2000 May 16, 2013 10:03 AM Flag

    DE Supreme CTpumps out 7 Opinions in 15 days in May

    So according to Alibi4sail, they must really really be losing sleep over SIGA because so many opinions and writers and deep thoughts and first impressions .....

    What a load of hoooey! They average about 1 opinion every 2-3 days.....

    They eat, sleep get fat without missing a beat. The only way they do this is that most of the time, they already know how they will decide a case before hand ..... not after some deep soul searching!!!

    Riddle me this:

    1. Why wait until day 90 to tell us the chief justice had a 4 hour #$%$ and was out 2 months (made up BS)
    2. Why are we made to wait 66 days and counting when we already waited 90 days
    3. Why are cases submitted in March already decided and SIGA v PIP, which was delayed by a phantom sickness of a phantom chief justice not moved to the top of the priority .... it was not like PIP got sick and did not show up for oral arguments.

    For all those responding with generic .... it takes time for the court to do this and that ...., just look at how much they pump out and the dates on the opinions of the case already decided....

    I hate these self righteous justices and lawyers ........

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    • Per the courts policy and procedures published on their website, shortly after the submission date the judges concur and vote on their decision, newer judges voting 1st. It appears that the majority vote is the court's decision and there are no dissenting opinions published. The chief judge then appoints a judge to write the opinion. As such, the decision has already be determined, probably by mid- -March,and has since been drafted. The draft opinion is circulated among the judges who can add, modify and edit the wording, but not the decision itself. Any changes are resubmitted to the panel for consent and further editing. This process continues until there is final agreement. The late date of this opinion suggests that there were several revisions to the 1st draft, but this would not change the original decision. I reviewed all court decisions for the past 3 years and found that most were issued within 60 days of the submission date: the latest time period being 87 days.
      Also, there was no oral arguments scheduled for last Wednesday and the schedule for next Wednesday is light. It appears they are winding down into a summer schedule. As Monday is day 76 there is a very high probability we will hear this week.
      Of particular note, per prior decisions the standard is to defer to the trial court on factual issues but to review the legal issues De Novo, or from the beginning. As such, the fact finding of wrong doing is iron clad. The unique legal issue is how far can a trial court go to find equity to a wronged party.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Then simply do a heavy straddle with 2.50Puts and 2.50Calls and put it out in time sufficient for a decision to be made. The Calls have unlimited gains. The Puts will probably get you about 15-25% return, depending.

    • Pawn . . . I am sure it has totally slipped the 5 justices minds that they were supposed to decide this case according to your schedule. If I were you I would write them a stern letter reminding them. I'm sure that will get them moving! They just don't know who they're messing with, do they?

      • 1 Reply to alibi4sail
      • RIIIIIIIGHT !!! I forgot, and their normal schedule is to go 90 days, then give some BS excuse on the 90th day and then go another 66 days and counting .....

        Real normal right? No one is implying that they should go according to my schedule, but for a court that brags about concluding cases 50 days or less, something is fishy .... but you apologists keep throwing some "its a procedural, its the toilet clogging, oh they meeting" .....

        The #$%$ is about to hit the fan FOR BOTH COMPANIES and so beware my long friends ..... I analysis possibilities from what HAS happened factually ..... I do not make excuses for these guys ....

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