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  • homebuilder_watcher homebuilder_watcher May 29, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    With the SIGA news today

    that should put PIP one step closer to its big payday! I mean, with PIP's big court "victory" and all. But wait, the stock plunged today. How can that be after the big "win" and the certain hundreds of millions PIP is sure to get now in expecation damages? Could it be that some funds and money managers have now had time to consult with their legal counsel to get an understandng of what the Court's opinion means? Hmmmmm

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    • homebuilder_watcher,

      I know you are short on this stock. Working for Oppenheimer and MarkIt on Demand, formerly Wallstreet Online? So you claim to be a lawyer? Well, you may need one soon.... We appreciate your thoughtful comments, but please go back to DE and leave PIP alone.

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      • Sorry. Couldn't resist due to the behavior of some of the posters here. Yes,I am a lawyer. No, I am not short PIP. I actually was long for a short period for a trade I did ok on but felt that SIGA was the better long, in part because of there being little or no downside on SIGA since it already got whacked on the original lawsuit and is priced already as if it is only getting 50%.

    • ???? Come on...

    • actually you mock pip but since siga won the case through your LAW point of view it trades at 3.85 lol great move up from the 3.66 halt....maybe funds and money managers vise a versa met in the same meeting...good spin but post why siga is you lawyers or so you say!!

    • That's not fair, homebuilder. By the way, I stuck up for you yesterday, so please don't start getting snarky and taunting, like so many others on these boards. :)

      Today is just traders playing around. Profit taking, shorties playing their games, etc. Give it a week, and let's see what happens.

    • Dream on in your siga fantasy! Siga will pay up, just a matter of time siga dreamer. Supreme court already upheld lower court decision. Just go's back to how much you pay. You siga fools said it would never be upheld, WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Now you change to just how much you will pay. You change your story on every ruling. LOL

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      • Expectation damages can only be recovered if they can be calculated to a reasonable certainty. Where damages cannot be calculated to a reasonable certainty, the injured party will only be able to recover nominal damages.
        Typically, the issue of certainty arises in cases where the damages suffered are in the form of lost profits. The general rule regarding lost profits and certainty in calculating damages is that if the injured party is an established business, lost profits are not treated as speculative because they can be estimated from past profits. Therefore, an established business will generally recover for its lost profits.
        However, where the injured party is a new business so that there are no past profits with which to estimate future profits, the courts examine each case individually and, if the courts can calculate damages to a reasonable certainty, then damages will be awarded. However, in the event that courts cannot, the injured party will be awarded nominal damages only.
        PiP was not an established business with a track record of profitability. In fact with Both companies track record its surprising that they still exist at all. Niether company has a track record for Profit calculation, Loss? You Betch-ya!!!!
        Nominal is way closer to Nada than 50% after 40M.

      • are a big fool.....LOL

      • homewrecker is a peckerhead..nuff said

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