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  • pensivepop pensivepop Jun 20, 2013 12:12 PM Flag

    The Time Is Rapidly Approaching-----

    When I witness what I just saw on my trading screen I have no doubt the hour is near for the expected news. I have followed this stock in detail for most of the morning and though in a defensive mood it has held together very well all the way up to a quiet 94,000 shares at around 9am West Coast time. Then just now in one second the stock jumped in volume to 155,000 shares to 1.60/1.61 a new high for the day despite the market still being down over 200 points. That sort of thing means a lot and to me it also means the news will probably be out in the next 48 hours. My fridge has lots of cold beer in it but I won't touch it until the news does break but that doesn't worry me, it's going to be a "wet weekend."

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    • Wild guess, an out of court settlement coming soon. Siga can't expect better terms than what Parson's gave them as the SC has validated the "bad faith" and that LATS terms should be used a guide for determining expectation damages. Siga also sees BARDA checks coming soon and how they would benefit very soon w/o the ongoing lawsuit.
      Note the wording in the Siga release:
      Dr. Eric A. Rose, SIGA's Chief Executive Officer, commented, "While legal proceedings ((may continue)), we will now focus with even greater intensity on growing and enhancing SIGA's business, executing our existing contract with BARDA, seeking approval and licensing of Arestvyr™ from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and making greater use of our proven antiviral drug discovery and development capabilities."

      PharmAthene is now getting positive feedback on Sparvax and will likely see more government funding in the short time. Pharmathene settling for Parson's original terms with a possible lowered $40M initial hurdle sounds possible? Pharmathene has bigger paydays ahead with their pipeline and being more focused, and funded, would be a big positive. Settlement versus possible better terms from Parsons?

      Siga and PharmAthene could be in for a near term double/triple. I'm assuming more BARDA awards as the conroversy around Arestvyr dissipates.


    • This is amazing. My larger list of 25 stocks to follow has all of them down but one and that of course is PIP. Feel like I am walking on eggs with the DOW now down over 300 points, heck maybe 400 by the time I finish this post and get back to business.

    • Legal stuff always takes longer than expected to come to a decision. But the outcome in this case seems pretty clear. Court clearly thought SIGA breeched, clearly wants justice done, the judge has a lot of discretion to devise a remedy, is a bright guy and will come up with one - as I see it, undoubtably to the serious dismay of SIGA. Whatever it is, SIGA will appeal. It is what they do - breach, lose and appeal. But in the end I believe PIP will appeal. The recent Seeking Alpha article was well written, thoroughly evidenced and reasoned out, and I agree with their conclusion. I am hoping that sometimes in the next 4-6 weeks the judge will come up with a decision, I will give thanks for all the shorts who gave me a chance to buy in on PIP at such a low price, and then enjoy the day.

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