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  • evenu2canexcel evenu2canexcel Jun 20, 2013 3:23 PM Flag

    You May Not Have Heard Yet But

    PIP IS POOP & all the pumping in the world won't change the facts:
    No products, no profits.
    The Lipstick on The POOP,Dr. Fuerst, Fled BecauseThe Stench Was So Overpowering,
    The FDA sent PIP a falsifying of claims letter(never have seen any entity survive from an attack on its credibility by the FDA).
    Its "guardian angel", Murtha, passed.

    Perils ahead?
    You betcha.

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    • I wouldn't mind the SIGA-biased comment from Evenu2canexcel if it were based on some intelligent point of discussion. I go on the SIGA board all the time in an attempt to engage in fact-based discussion. It helps investors in both stocks to have open dialog about facts regarding findings, legal definitions, case law, etc.

      I am biased toward PIP but not drinking purple Kool-Aid (see my posts on valuation).

    • Actually the FDA sends warning letters to Pharma and the government sues pharma for misbranding on a fairly frequent basis. You should learn something about the industry before spouting off and making yourself look foolish.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Weren't you the genius that recently posted Judge Farnan nailed it back in Feb (Farnan predicted reversed, reliance where the SC said Remanded, and Expectancy)? Your blind love for Siga is what is poop! Enough said ... go back to the Siga board.

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