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  • jeffoff24 jeffoff24 Aug 27, 2013 11:27 AM Flag

    With The threat of Syrian President Assad pushed into a corner, proof of Chemical weapons used, I would think $PIP would be higher today.

    Especially as we now see Kerry and Obama send out a rally cry. I guess there is no threat that Assad allows more chemical weapons to fly? Even after pushed into a corner by the US, or others? No one wants to stockpile some PIP products to protect soldiers? I was surprised to see this lower today.

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    • This whole Obama/Kerry Syria hype is strangely reminiscent of the Bush/Cheney WMD hype - the more things change, the more they stay the same. Personally when the battle is between Al Qaeda funded by Saudis on one side and Syrian military thugs plus Hezbollah funded by the Iranians on the other side, it is fine with me to let them kill one another and thin the herd of bad guys.

      Main impact on PIP is that the activity of bad guys with chemical weapons acts to keep awareness of the possibility of bad guys with biological and chemical weapons in the future - helping ensure that antidote etc development will continue to be funded. Sadly, the State of Fear is high and things like this keep it high so the funding looks likely to not be subject to cuts for the foreseeable future.

      Real driver of PIP appreciation is the increasing conviction that Judge Parsons will do justice in this case. Personally that is my bet. I also like the merger as a longer term thing since it adds more tools and customers to their toolbox.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • In the longer term it will boost the market reaction to Pharmathene updates on efforts at dealing with nerve gas agents;

      * "In addition to these latest nerve agent binding data, we have recently demonstrated that rBChE produced using the PER.C6 ® human cell line is readily scalable with greater than 99% purity," commented Dr. John Troyer, Vice President, Chemical Defense Product Development. "Moreover, the PER.C6 ® manufacturing platform yields up to two thousand-fold more product per liter than human plasma-derived BChE. Pharmacokinetic testing is currently underway and we expect to begin non-clinical efficacy testing in the coming months."

      * Moving on, progress in our recombinant bioscavenger program continues to be very strong in 2013. So far this year, all technical milestones under our contract with the Department of Defense have been reached on schedule.

      (I would guess that information was given NO weight in advancing PIP's valuation.) Helping now? Doubt it. 2014 is looking like a very good year.

    • Come on, that's silly. We don't yet have a product ready to sell, so any price action we get from the situation there is just tangential.

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