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  • white_mtn_hiker white_mtn_hiker Aug 1, 2011 9:23 AM Flag

    Which Option is True?

    To date, I am down over 80% in my NIVS investment. But, as I review the information about this firm posted on the internet, it looks like a fantastic company worth far more than a P/E < 1.0. If I had a larger investment in the firm, I certainly would take NIVS up on its offer of a tour thru its facilities.

    One of these two options must be true:
    1) NIVS is a company worth much more than its current share price, or
    2) NIVS is one of the biggest scams ever.

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    • I dont think NIVS is a scam. I think they (mgt.) tried to get away with something quite minor and it blew up in their face. It will take some time for things to settle. I'm guessing 2 quarters at a minimum. Then the stock should take off.

    • I'm guessing the answer is 1.5. It certainly appears as though there are actual operations, and even sales on several different product platforms. I suspect that once the dust settles, what we'll find is that the sales and financial state of the company weren't quite as robust as been touted and the operational efficiencies will be less than what was advertised.

      The fact that they just didn't fold gives me some hope, but then again any shareholder who was sitting with shares and a basis of $2.00 to $2.50 certainly has the incentive to hope.

    • Likely #1.

      We should see news of the restart of the investigation/forensic audit soon - it would just be a matter of the new board members getting their bearings straight, and seeking/engaging the outside consultants.