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  • scottbwest2000 scottbwest2000 May 15, 2007 6:33 PM Flag

    Something positive

    I have been reading this board for several weeks, thinking that something positive might appear. While the name calling might be entertaining to some, it's not what I would expect from adults. Nor the personal attacks by all parties. I was a vender (no longer) to Bott and Gulfgate, and don't have a dog in this fight. I was hoping for everyone's sake that CETH's shareholders and management would get their collective acts together. Bott and Gulfgate were very good, well run, and profitable concerns with a long history of taking care of their employees. As a CEO of a firm here in Houston (my identity isn't hidden behind some monikor), I can't fathom how any of you were ever in a management position.

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    • aww did i strike a nerve?? So thats all i had to do to get rid of you was make fun of "Marsha"? Wow, that was simple. So since we have now found out your from Houston, which key member of this board is from Houston???? hhmm.... What was his name... Maybe you could help me Stem... or are we no longer on speaking terms? I would sure hate to lose you as a buddy stem.. answer me please..

    • Your such an idiot I won't even answer any of you stupid shit anymore. You are a dunce>>>>>>>>>>>>>LMFAO Good by for the last time majic dunce!!!!!!!!!!!!e

    • hahaha.. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha.... I knew you would come out as soon as Stem was getting picked on. What, did he call you for back-up? So what company do you manage? I bet Bott gave you a good reference for that high paying management job..... Unless of course your the manager of a shoe store or something... haha.

    • soo since your in management _ _ _ _. How is Odessa treating you? why are you on this board if you have nothing to do with Convergence?? i'll keep calling you _ _ _ _ by the way. I'll let you fill in the blanks...hahaha. it sucks always being right. By the way, the more you agree with Stem, the more we know who he is.. just a tip smart guy.

    • Scott, I couldn't agree with you more. I'm really getting tired of the Mark Trumble bashing, he's a good man and his life's work is being flushed down the toilet by MEMS. I can't remember what vendor you were with, but your name sounds familiar. I worked at Bott for several years.

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      • I totally agree with you formermems. Cartoon and majic are insisting I'm him. Never heard of him until they mentioned his name as a matter of fact. I believe you should contact him and let them know exactly what they have been saying here. I'm sure he would like to know. He might have some recourse. THEY seem to feel he has screwed the company, by what they have in print. Majic also had some terrible things to say about you if your Marsha as he thinks. They are playing some game, hopefully it will backfire.
        Personally, I'm a small time investor that is upset with the way stock has dropped. I have said that several times, and yes it has gotten angry in here, but when someone (cartoon) ,tells us the shareholders, we have no right to a shareholders meeting, that is irritating as hell. We were only asking what any other shareholder in dozens of stocks are saying. We want new blood, this isn't working.
        Nothing I have said was bashing Mr. Trumble, but I definitley want cartoon to repeat in plain English what he has said about him and myself, and I have asked that repeatedly. Although he has already basically said enough.
        To anyone on the board I do apologize for my language at times, but I am upset the way our stocks are being handled. We have a right to what has been promised, at the very least some knowledge of what is going on. Close to a year for the web site be finished is rediculous
        Please contact Mr. Trumble if you still live in the area. Thanks

      • My firm handled the insurance for Bott and GG for several years. Solid growth, good employees, low turnover, always profitable. Mark Trumble was fair with his employees, honest and reliable. Our relationship insuring the P&C ended a year ago, so again I don't have a dog in the fight on this board, nor am I a stockholder. The combatants here often act like angry teenagers; it was my error thinking that an outside party might interject some civility. While their positions may be based in fact, they are have way too much animosity towards each other. This will be my last posting.

    • would be Latty and his friends step aside, and let REAL MANAGEMENT w/ DIRECTION take over..

    • the only HELP we need is the honesty of the CETH Management. INSTEAD OF BLAMMING IT ON EVERYONE ELSE...LATTY is in charge of the ship for now, he needs to prove he can handle this and change the direction of the ship....

      I smell a classaction suit COMING REALLY SOON !

    • When did ANYONE say they WERE in management. And, you are correct some of the things said were harsh at times, and you are correct, on both sides, but you have only posted on three boards so obviously you haven't seen what is being said on other boards. Not that that's an excuse but if you noticed or read some of the shareholders were only asking for a meeting when all of this started. A simple shareholders meeting that was due. For a couple of years as a matter of fact. As a CEO, do you believe one wasn't justified. You sure didn't mention that! Obviously the courts did. Why should it have to be taken that far to get what was stated by law. Did the courts make them or did they do it on there on. Do we know that, because I sure don't. Why did you not mention that as a CEO of a company in Houston which you did not name. (by the way, I couldn't find your name anywhere, so it seems you are hiding behind a monikor). I don't quite understand your arrogance in your message, because as management goes in the last few years in the U.S., I don't REALLY think you want to talk shit about the plain and simple workers. They aren't the ones stealing retirement benefits from their workers. Think you want to restate your case there Mr. CEO!
      On another note, I don't believe one person on this board has attacked the company, I do believe we feel it is something of value and can move in a better direction or we wouldn't be here. There has only been a call for new management. How else can a shareholder do more? Do you just make accusations or do you offer a remedy as a CEO! No shareholders meetings, no web site updates, we are in the dark on the HEO, but YOU ask more out of the shareholders. That would be a CEO thing, because it doesn't make a hell of a lot of sense to me. And , since we don't know you, we can't say for sure YOU are a good CEO and SHOULD be in management now can we.
      I for one offered a olive branch and got nothing but grief for doing it. I made an honest attempt, but as a shreholder I have the right to speak my piece on my investment, and I thank you to remember that.And yes, my forefathers fought for the same rights of the first amendments as hopefully yours did. Unless of course you came over later.

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      • My point was and is the personal attacks posted on this site aren't those of folks whom I would want to run a company that I was associated with. I do however compliment you on your well stated postings of four letters earlier this week; they laid out your position in a rational manner. You then proceeded to negate your rational approach with what appeared to me to be a taunt of Cartoon. This is not adult behavior. Cartoon is also guilty of cheap shots, as are some others posting on this board.
        COOs, CIOs, and CEOs of well run organizations don't act this way.

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