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  • ericvann2000 ericvann2000 Jul 19, 2002 4:17 PM Flag


    I just read an old news item on Yahoo from Jun 12. This was the latest dividend announcement, but it also included a statement that the merger between Anworth and its management company, mentioned in the latest quarterly report, had been approved. The quarterly report had warned that such a merger might imperil the company's REIT status. Anybody know anything about that?

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    • Your assumption that I am not one of the little guys is incorrect.

      Little house, car and monthly pension check.

      Gotta get a part time job to get medical cause I cant afford it on my own and also buy food.

      But that doesnt mean I cant point out the obvious to the sheep who follow the party line.
      (either of them).

      Hopefully this afternoons rally will continue and put the short sellers into buy mode. But I dont think this is over yet and will last thru the elections.

    • Ah say what you will we now know that you are an old hippi living in a burned out bus.
      BTW the little guys fight the wars, buy the widgets and are the economy. You should have a little respect. They also tend to be volitile and pop snobs like you in your snotty nose.

    • >Look at the 2 year for Gods' sake. It is 2%!! >What do you think new ARM paper is yielding when >these guys buy it? Implied spreads have >collapsed.

      Hi. Can you explain your reasoning further?
      I am new to REIT, and can't understand what
      2-year note has to to REIT. I thought ANH
      just buys MBS, holds them, and collects interest on them.


    • Thanks for the response. Your hilite of the ARM rate is right on track. However, the number of folks jumping onto the fixed rate as opposed to ARM is growing.

      Granted it is at a 6% rate rather than a
      7-8% rate. But it is still a lot better than my bank cd or mm.

      Rates will eventually rise as we all know.
      The speed (or lask thereof) that rise will determine how quickly the pure MBS reits can reinvest the interest payment portion of the motgage paybacks at higher rates.

      They are still holding a lot of paper at 8% from a year and a half ago that folks have not converted and a lot of it has prepayment penalties (suprisingly).

      Do you see the rate issues effecting the reits in mezanine loans or business investment loans?

    • Falmouth, I am glad you were around keeping us all safe in the 60's (no kidding) but I have to disagree (respectfully) on REITs. They are most certainly down because of fundamentals, and the reluctance of Longs to accept reality continues to weigh on the stocks through these boards.

      Look at the 2 year for Gods' sake. It is 2%!! What do you think new ARM paper is yielding when these guys buy it? Implied spreads have collapsed.

      As for the market, barring a FED mistake (another cut) and no bank failures here or Europe this is the bottom. It will take until the Fall to actually sink in.

    • Hi Entropy,


      I like a good chuckle. Wish that were true.
      I missed the free hippie era cause I went into the air force in 64 and missed the free love period cause I got married in 65.

      I would like your opinion on the market and where it might be going in the next 60 days barring some unforseen negative event.

      While I often dont see things the way you do, your opinions are always intersting and if you shorted the REIT's your call was correct altho not due to REIT business changes but the overall market situation.

    • I think your reply has proven that you are what you claim to be in your note.

    • But I have it on good authority that he is an ex-hippy, living in school bus in Oregon making bead-curtains and growing "herbs."

    • gee fowlmouth for your unwanted disertation of why things go wrong. It, nice for those of members of the great unwashed to have someone who knows everything
      I've said it before and I say it again big pompous horses ass.

    • You are right! The world is full of bad people. Experience(history) tells us that good people don't do enough about the bad people. That is why the bad get badder. The answer is: Get tough with bad people. PUNISH CRIME!

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