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  • smallercap smallercap Nov 25, 1999 12:49 AM Flag


    Listening to the call, I got the impression that
    the optics business will be spunoff into a seperate
    company. The valuation of the business, as compared to
    competitors, is not realized in the current market cap.
    Interesting. Very well positioned company.

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    • valuations for optics stocks go higher and
      higher. The valuation of this company given its place on
      the technology curve is almost hard to believe, in
      comparison. The fact is this stock is not on the radar screen
      of most optics investors, particularly retail. Not
      yet. So we have an opp to accumulate a top quality
      optics business at very reasonable prices. There is
      nothing in this space priced this cheap..not even close.

    • is a real possibility. You can bet that Merril
      will be chomping at the bit to take on a new IPO after
      their FNSR adventure. The next six months will be

      Hi to Stock Fly, OBSTA and Methmen.
      Haven't been here for a while but wanted to say way to
      hang in there. Like one of you said: Welcome to the
      new Methode and the new Millenium. Go McG Jr.


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      • Interesting observation. Perfect timing, ride the
        wave, raise some capital ( don't just issue shares to
        existing holders of METHA, but raise 90 to 120 million
        bucks to expand the bizz with )and create a separate
        yet related company that is hot hot hot. You bet the
        Wall Street firms would be chompin' at the bit. This
        would be a hot issue similiar to FNSR. Down
        side------since optics has been responsible for the run up in
        stock, the new company would be a high flyer. The old
        METHA may be reduced to a small cap

        Another issue though is ......who will be at the helm of
        this new entity and the old METHA???

        Can the
        McGinley super powers do it all?

        I for one believe
        so. Time will tell. The entire management team from
        Chicago Headquarters on down to site managers have pulled
        off some pretty awesome stuff before so I am
        confident that this too will be executed well. But after
        listening to part of the conference call and reading all
        the press of late, I here nothing about new products
        outside of optics, expansion of existing lines in other
        facilities, enhanced people development, year 2000 quality
        and productvity issues.....some of the very things
        that helped METHA grow from the ground up these past
        twenty years. One only has to pick up the WSJ to realize
        these issues are hot as well.


        Meantime, I see the stock flailing about at these prices
        looking for direction before the next move up. Volumes
        are averaged up but begining to wane. Profit taking
        will no doubt take its toll so I see a drop possibly
        back to 21 to 24 (I hate it when people guess stock
        values but I want to do a bit of prognosticating myself,
        so humor this old man)but I could be just a worry
        wart basing this on METHA history. I still remain long
        on this. This is still an optics bargain and a well
        kept secret on Wall Street.

        Could we hear from
        some auto folks down on the farm? What do we know in
        western Illinois? I heard something about ventures spoke
        of at the annual meeting in other countries. This is
        third party news but I believe factual. What is the
        word there? Or is auto old news?

        I'll be gone a
        while, me and the Mrs. are off for a little sunshine on
        one of those big boats. You know, those all you can
        eat, sleep, drink, party, etc.etc.etc cruises
        specially designed for us older folks. Yee ha.
        one of those travel groups and got some pretty deep
        discounts. Sort of an early Christmas present. If I can go
        online while afloat, I'll check in with you all.
        Otherwise, see you in a couple of weeks.

        To all you
        late boomers and early genX'ers, SS is now age 67 for
        full bennys. Y'ouch. My kids are gonna have to work
        longer to pay for dads retirement. Ah......sweet
        justice. Gotta love it!!!

        Peace and Prosperity as