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  • debbie08730 debbie08730 Mar 25, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    #$%$ much lower is it going?

    I am tempted to buy more at this level, but it keeps going down, so where is the bottom? any charts experts around here?

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    • Chart means nothing here. This all about psycology. People are feeling a lot of pain in this stock and you wont find a bottom untill they all finally give up and sell. You will know when you get a massive volume day. I would like to see a 4x normal volume day before im sure all the weak hands have been thrown in.

    • Yeah, I am a chart expert and I can tell you that no one is a chart expert. No one knows where the "bottom is" Come to grips with that and scale trade it down if you are interested in this company longer term. Use the 1,2,3,4 method.....which simply means you buy in 4 lots...the first is 10% of your money, the second is 20%, etc... and it all adds up to 100% of course. This way if the stock does keep going down, you get a much cheaper price as you are cost averaging down. If it does not, you made a smaller investment that is now worth more.

      Best of luck to you laddie.

    • It has traded below a support line at $33.75 This line is drawn from a point of $16.50 at 12/30/11 and connecting through a point at $22.40 on 6/4/12.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Personally, I think the stock is oversold and the poor Q priced in. However, from a technical perspective there is no support until 30, which is previous resistance from May through August last year. Right now there is just no catalyst to move the stock higher and a valuation argument can't be made until 30. Everyone is waiting for a lower price, including myself, and sometimes that becomes a self fulfilling prophecy in terms of price movement. If you're already in the stock then I think you will see 40 again in several months but short term you may have to endure more pain.

    • 44c2699ba7c0abdad9f0690d0a0f78b5 44c2699ba7c0abdad9f0690d0a0f78b5 Mar 25, 2013 9:47 AM Flag

      i think RNF is an investment for the years to come... and i am going to buy more shares at 32-33 level.. just my feeling , i am not an expert

      Sentiment: Buy

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