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  • drjwater drjwater Mar 25, 2013 10:14 AM Flag

    I can not post the truth. Shorter growing season and more snow equals ammoina washed off the fields and has to be replaced with ammonia.


    they keep deleting my post, so I will make it short. All the snow washes off the ammonia on the fields and if has to be replaced with products form RNF. Also the shorter growing season requires more RNF to help improve or keep yeilds. You are being taken by big city slikers. RNF is a strong buy.

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    • You are truly a Gentlemen by referring to them as 'big city slikers'...A more appropriate name for them is low class gutter filth...

    • City boys. Let's see this is MARCH and the growing season is way way off. Mother nature bats last and no one knows what will happen. Rain? More Rain? No rain. Too much rain. Drought? Perfect growing season, All the fertilizer companies will do good to great unless mother nature rips a line drive in the gap and it goes to the fence..

    • Shorter growing season? What do you mean?
      Plants are closing for maintenance at the wrong time. Natural gas prices going up. The dividend is not safe. Sell and come back next year after maintenance has been completed.

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      • First of all, the plants are shutting down at their normal turnaround time. They have just extended the downtime. The fourth quarter isnt the wront time to do the upgrades. Second, nat gas prices have gone up, but so have amonia prices. Avg price for last year was 669 for amonia and 326 for UAN. This year they have locked in 37% of nat gas at 3.87, Amonia they locked in 39% at 774 much higher then 2012 and UAN they locked in 41% at same price as last year.

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