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  • in_the_know_here in_the_know_here Dec 14, 2001 11:38 PM Flag


    Yahoo won't lety me post this link, but if you combine the two lines below you are taken to the list of all companies who submitted proposals in response to the govnet RFI.

    http:// www.washingtontechnology.

    Any comments?

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    • Isn't that information extremely out of date?

      I think ION was canned a few months ago, and the Sprint/WCOM merger was 86'd over a year ago???

    • Anyone know how LVLT is situated politically? Unfortunatly I think this is even more important than anything else, notice how news of Enron is not in the papers or TV? Scott, Crowe et al Republican friends or foe? Suspect the former in which case in our favor.

    • Yes, Afghani Telephone & Telegraph. They are willing to give 3 camels, 2 goats and 15,000 tons of daisy cutter shrapnel for lvlt. Since lvlt is bk, I think it's a good deal...

    • Catching up on the govnet discussions here. The descriptions here of the writing and bidding process of the RFPs are correct. The timeline involved is also likely to be such that there will be no decision until fall of 2002, for funding in the following gov't fiscal year (beginning Oct 2002). JMHO on that.

      Not sure how the gov't reviewers will address the potential insolvencies of the players involved. My bet is they follow other recent procurements, assigning a LSI (lead systems integrator) who then funnels out subcontracts. EDS could be the LSI in this case, and LVLT might be allowed to sub on the pipes, but it all depends upon how LVLT finances shape up over the next year. Gov't is concerned with 'risk management,' esp with something related to security. OTOH, the pipes that LVLT would provide are a hard asset that will likely survive even a BK, which is a mitigating factor.

      So, my best guess is that LVLT could get a *piece* of the action, but I don't see it as more than a PR win until the outyears of the contract. This contract is likely to start small to show 'proof of concept' before it becomes a sizeable user of bandwidth.

      Just my .02

      disclosure: no position, but would be a buyer of LVLT on further retracement to test support at 4ish. Current valuation prematurely incorporates unpredictable 'good news' events, IMHO.

    • in_the_know_here,

      <<"Might you be confusing the DOD rebid with Govnet? DOD rebid due shortly, perhaps as early as next week.">>

      I don't think I'm confusing the DOD rebid Contract with a **Maybeeee Someday GOVNET Contract*.

    • "unit I think it would be a good strategic move for them to acquire LVLT?"

      With what, an IOU? T's financial position is extremely weak.

    • Maybe.....

      I think investors would shy away from a deal like that, The T BOD do not want the headache that Joe Nacho did w/USW-Q. Once they shell BBI they should fire Armstrong...and in a hurry. They also need to get rid of all the cable hang-overs.

      I think John Malone is going to come up with some pretty substantial cash to buy out the T LD biz and merge it with ICGX and IDT(ICG Comms that went BK, but is recovering under the leadership of Randy Curran)...Malone wants his Money back from ICG.

      IF T kept its data networks and some of the pieces of its real revenue pie, then buying LVLT would make since, but I am not so sure the T BOD are going to give Crowe & Scott what thye want it would have to be at least 50Bil or more + seats on the board for Scott, Crowe, O'Hara, and Caruso.

      But hey T may do just about anything to stay out of BK, which I knew was avery real possibility after Armstrong bought up all the Cable stuff...even then I knew that it would not synergize or work...But in theory I think you may have a good possibility...

      I see it this way. LVLT/TWTC will merge and then AOL/TW will buy both, thats just my speculation.

    • Might you be confusing the DOD rebid with Govnet? DOD rebid due shortly, perhaps as early as next week.

    • ISO certification is not required to bid. I doubt the vast majority of the bidders have it. If it is required and the winning bidder doesn't have it, then they will pay the fees and get it. (sarcasm about ISO cert INTENTIONAL).

    • You sure are a babbling idiot... No measly contract is gonna help lvlt avoid bk.

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