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  • mhirschey mhirschey Sep 15, 2003 2:39 PM Flag

    Approximately right: WVKAA

    This message is for ski, jessie, nick, ghg, ice, and a host of other serious posters.

    This is not a recommendation, but I thought I'd give you a heads up about my thinking.

    For reasons that are becoming clearer by the day, LVLT is making real headway on the business front. Voice over the Internet is breaking through, and this will benefit LVLT in a big, big way. I see LVLT poised to make real headway in the stock market. I have no idea when the collective light bulb goes on, but I've decided to up the ante.

    Today, I've bought some LEAPs on LVLT. I chose the Jan06 strike price 5s, and paid 2.15 plus 1.5 cents per share commission. In addition to adding new cash, I trimmed a little of my common position in LVLT to do so.

    At these prices, I like the LEAPs a lot, obviously. The table below shows what stock price would make you indifferent to owning the stock versus the LEAPs.

    IMHO, LVLT will be far north of 8.97 by January 20, 2006. My best guess is that we pierce 10 next year, and trade above 20 before January, 2006.

    LEAP Strike Price Bid Ask Indif. Price
    WVKAZ 2.50 3.00 3.30 7.79
    WVKAA 5.00 1.95 2.15 8.97
    WVKAU 7.50 1.15 1.35 10.38

    Stock price: 4.86

    My plan is to convert the LEAPs to equity in 2006. Don't even think of trading these LEAPs. Trading costs will eat you alive.

    Like I said, this is just a heads up. Think about it.


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    • Well said.

      RE: On the other hand, keep in mind that, except for BRK (which I DO understand) what I'm BEST at in the market is getting in too soon, getting out too soon and then saying, in retrospect, "Shit, I was RIGHT all along. And I still screwed it up."

      Ski, ultimately, your enthusiasm, generosity, humor and optimism will, IMO, be MUCH more valuable to you than your LVLT stock, even if it hits $50 someday.

    • Russ-----Re emerging from BK------I think the problems facing consolidation are two fold----1]the BK laws have enabled cos that should not exist to hang around----not letting natural law of supply & demand work --2] The difficulty in dealing with more than one person for the seller----& dealing with people who have different interests in selling .

      I recently saw a comment by the new head of Above Net [formerly mfnx ] saying his co might be sold after emerging from BK [which has now happened]------It may well be that these cos emerging from BK will be the catalyst for consolidation--& emergence may be extremely bullish----For what its worth [my fees for my opinion are not exorbitant] I have moved into this camp .

    • Dumb fuck pumper trash-

    • "whala"??????

    • russ_21401.....About Buffett, he is the best and deserves all the credit he gets ...BUT...When he bought in to LVLT the stock shot up because of his name....He was out and took his profits before anyone knew what was going on and as you see the stock tanked partly on that news....IMO if word gets out that Buffett is buying (no matter what stock) it's worth at least 10% profit to him as others will buy later pushing it up.....not exactly a level playing field.....When I buy and tell someone that owns the stock they sell....

    • Ski, Jesse is feeling the love of buying NT at 56 cents in the 5-yr-old's account, then selling Jan 04 $5 leaps.

    • "after YOU thrash us Nov 28th, I am SURE I will '''hear''' about it............."

      Probably. For about a week. That's the point. You've been railing on that point for 2 years.

      "I am waving the WHITE flag already, does THAT tell ya anything???????? just be NICE in the score is all I ask................ggggggggggg"

      Pray tell why?

    • "It's kinda like 62-36 . . . ."

      Nebraska couldn't score 36 in a game this year even if the other team never took the field.

    • Crowe has NO CONTROL over this, however. He said so! Is Crowe believable? Not unless you have a 30 year time horizon!

    • It goes like this:

      If he won't pay SH*T, then why should I?

      It works to shareowners' disadvantage, and then he STEALS the cash flow that is "non-existent." After he owns it, whala!, cash flow turns up.

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