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  • rkododge rkododge Jul 3, 2014 11:28 PM Flag

    ok, than anser this- why is MCIG pps way highr then vapor??

    nobody seem to able anser that question ??

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    • gunner342307 Jul 11, 2014 8:40 AM Flag

      one reason this stock use to be named SPLI.... until recently it changed its ticker.... it was and aviation parts stock.... VAPOR bought the company and used the symbol SPLI until it was able to clear the old companies record keeping(announce its quarterly earnings for the past couple years)... now that VPOR has changed it symbols and announced its March earnings, which were higher then MCIG and if second quarter is just as good you will see this stock jump.....there are 100 million more outstanding shares in this company then MCIG... float is higher in VPOR by about 120 million but if they can pay off the loans before those shares hit the open market it would be a positive thing... they have until october to pay off one debt or appx 15 milllion of those shares will be given to the debtor.... revenue look VPOR 2.96 million MCIG 123k for first quarter... cash on hand VPOR 61k MCIG 37K.... the numbers are in VPORS hand... this is before the stores where open and the Vaporizer BOX was brought out..... I am excited to see what this stock can do over the next few months/years..... good luck here and else where and remember do your own research...

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    • Hopefully twoday clarified your confusion.
      Bottom line: looking at a company's share price in a vacuum is folly.
      Start with looking at two company's MARKET CAP (share price X number of outstanding shares)

    • Disclaimer (I own both). The number of shares to begin with, VPOR has 100mil more, the second most noticeable diff MCIG is working far more harder on branding, celebrity endorsements etc, BUT this does not mean VPOR will not be at the .40-.50 range in the next 3 months, could be there by the end of this month. Earnings/10K are due for these Co's in July- Look for awesome gains in both and don't forget about the Sleeping Giant...VAPE.

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