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  • warrcee warrcee Jan 14, 2012 9:42 PM Flag

    AUQ is primarily a silver miner. Perhaps forgotten?

    Yes the numbers were down on Silver Sales, Silver is down $15/$20 off it's peak. Note the rising silver/gold conversion ratio. Production is real good and ramp ups are on schedule.
    Gold $1900 on Chavez wanting his cash in gold, was a bonus, which AUQ used well.
    Silver supplies are so low it like holding a beach ball under water, while the margin requirements are up over 75%. It's almost a cash only market.
    Gold and Silver are nowhere near their highs in China or Brazil. China's new precious metals exhange is sucking metal like a tornado. Almost no gold is leaving Brazil it is being bought up.
    Here comes QE3, more world inflation, as countries race to lower interest rates on money print, so as to not look weak currencied.
    AUQ is hitting on all cylinders. On time, on scale, with silver shortage and Chavez kickers, to push development along faster.
    Talking this company down will be hard, with that much cash, cash flow, and an increasing revenue stream. How many companies in these markets can claim that?

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    • AUQ is mainly gold miner these days. You can check last production update: 80% of revenues came from gold and it's incomplete picture, because Aussie gold production wasn't included in full. When YD comes on-line gold revenues share will come even higher.

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