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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Apr 12, 2012 12:38 PM Flag

    AuRico Gravel Inc Stock Downgraded

    AEM now there is a company that you should be all over. Gravel Miner.

    A true "corporate miner" with gravel in their heads, not just their mines AEM.

    AEM is truely a failure as a mining company. Can't find the gold. Won't drill for the gold. Won't acknowledge they have made huge mistakes producing gravel.

    The problem with critisizing AUQ is they actually drill underground, and in the pit floor, before they mine towards any thing.

    All AEM ever does is drill a few surface holes, they almost never drill underground before mining towards anything. Just the opposite of AUQ.

    El Cubo is coming online, with lots of underground drilling to figure out where the richest deposits are, before mining ever began again. It's actually good El Cubo was shut in. Exploratory drilling continued without mining operation hinderance.
    See all those drill results from El Cubo while it was shut in? They weren't twiddling their thumbs, like AEM is doing at Goldex. AUQ was drill baby drilling, to find the richest silver veins.

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