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  • domrob821 Nov 5, 2012 2:40 PM Flag

    Big Option Buy in AUQ

    As of today those calls are losing. There is a lot of call action at $8, which may put pressure on the price to stay under $8 through OE.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • First on all, the price of the call will be moving downward because the price is moving away that the strike price. Second of all, the price of the call will be moving downward from time decay. You people really don't know what you are looking at because a real options trader trades on the spread of two options. They buy one option and they sell an option to lower the cost of the over all trade. Even if you have the trades in front of you, you don't know what direction the option traders are looking for the trade to move towards. Why don't you losers play with what you do know and do it better then you are doing it right now. When you are looking at options, you are way over your heads.

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      • TradeBlazer: As your screen name implies, you are really quick. Wow, thanks for the educational info. I would never have figured out that a call option moves down when the stock does, and that there is a time premium in an option. Does that also mean they go up with the stock price and the time premium will decrease as you get closer to the expiration date? And, I may be wrong, but if you are suggesting that someone may sell puts to finance to lock in a range and a gain with purchasing calls is way over my head. You should get a day job with Option Monster, and be on BubbleVision. Seriously, why should only the people on this board have the benefit of your wisdom? Can you also share your thoughts on writing covered calls to lock in a profit---that has always perplexed me as well.

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