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  • notsobrightinvestor notsobrightinvestor Aug 12, 2004 11:25 AM Flag

    This is the truth....

    I am sick of people saying I have an agenda when posting whats happening with my bed and the mold problem. I bought a bed about a year and a half ago and at the same time bought stock. I had held my stock all the way into the $30's and back down to $19 when the mold issue arose. I sold my stock around $19 because I had mold in my bed and I think this is going to be an issue that doesnt go away soon. I called customer service when I found my mold and they said they would send out replacement parts right away. I got the air chambers and not the foam, so I tried calling them back and emailing them and the toll free lines were always busy and they never returned 1 of my emails. Yesterday I got through to customer service and they told me the foam is shipped from somewhere other then MN and it will arrive soon. This morning after we got out of bed we decided to look at the air chambers for the second time since buying this bed....and we were shocked to see moisture on the chambers. We are going to open the bed every morning and see if this is a regular occurance. If it is, I highly doubt replacing the chambers and foam is going to take care of the problem. If there is moisture every time you sleep on this bed airing it out once a month will not prevent mold from forming.
    I hope to god the company is working on some way to ventilate these beds without opening them up. I suspect some different material in the top pad will do the trick but what do I know. If we get the new parts, install them and have moisture on them each day, I will call the company and ask for a full refund. If they don't agree with me, I will contact our states consumer protection dept and file a complaint and/or consider small claims court action.
    Thats my story, truthfull and without any agenda to manipulate the stock. I hope other bed owners will post their experiances about their bed, with or without mold, so others know whats really happening.

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    • It's pressure that essentially remains constant or else one would continually adjust the controls to maintain the sleep number. In fact, one would suspect little varaince in all three variables; pressure, volume, or tempurature. By the way, it is the volume of air inside the chamber that maintains pressure, not the volume of the chamber itself.

      Condensation cannot occur inside the chamber unless the tempurature drops below the dew point. If this does occur, condensation has to be occurring throughout the house as well. The State of Minnesota suggest you purchase a dehumidifier if condensation is a problem.

      Mold only forms in the presence of moisture and nutrients. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what nutrients are being supplied via the manufacturing process?

      So here I sit thinking moisture is not the result of condensation which implies some other source and there is an external source of nutrients as well. For the life of me, I can not figure why SC caused these problems.

    • mildewing_to_keep_from_molding mildewing_to_keep_from_molding Aug 13, 2004 11:41 AM Flag

      <I think the cold air comes in the window, drops down under the bed and the body heat makes the moisture form on the chamber.>

      Your explanation defies physics. You get condensation by taking warm, moist air and cooling it to the dew point temperature.

      PLEASE anwer the questions I posed to you yesterday evening. Thanks.

    • ive slept on a tempur for the past 2 years and havent noticed a change in firmness on the coldest of winter nights. there is no limited market share potential. thats why theyve been growing like wildfire since the bed was introduced. no knock on sc. the goal for stocks is to make money. since the alternative bed market is exploding its nice to know the different avenues and these 2 companies are the only ones i see worth looking at. ive made a fortune selling them but the stock sure hasnt performed. i think its only a matter of time.

    • As to Tempurpedic. Try letting the mattress get cold. ( e.g. leaving a window open in the colder nights of the North ) It turns to brick.
      Tempurpedic has a very limited market share potential. IMO

    • I am convinced that the company's advice to air it out once a month is (NOT) enough. Forgot the Not on the last post.

    • OUCH, this is not good action with the downgrade. I agree management has to come to the plate and clarify things!

      For anyone who has followed my posts and gives a crap, this morning I checked the air chambers/foam and they were once again damp. Last night was an unusually cold night here and we had the bedroom window open all night. I think the cold air comes in the window, drops down under the bed and the body heat makes the moisture form on the chamber. I am convinced that the company's advice to air it out once a month is enough. There is no way airing this thing out once a month is going to prevent mold from growing, it will have to be opened more often. That or some other materials have to be used.

      Come on company, step in here and tell both investors and customers of your bed whats going on!

      Oh and another little tidbit...I had sent several emails asking where the replacement foam was and never got a reply to my email. Well, late yesterday I got a VHS demo tape in the mail! LOL I had to chuckle, when I sent the email off their form on the website I did not ask for any liturature or tape, it was clearly a customer service email.

    • Talk to a math major and they'll tell you it's all MATH!!!

    • From the University of Utah Health Sciences Center: "Foam rubber mattresses develop molds after six months..."

      I don't know if this applies to synthetic foam, or only natural rubber. But here's the reference:

      If mold grows on the foam pad that SC uses, I suspect the same problem would be found with a TempurPedic mattress. Anytime you have a dark space with very little air circulation and some moisture present, it's a great environment for mold to grow.

    • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Aug 12, 2004 10:46 PM Flag

      Is there anything in Chemistry that couldn't also be called physics? Were you a physics major?

      Electrical Engineering is just physics. Mechanical engineering is really physics, isn't it? Civil Engineering is physics. Physics is physics... errr, wait.

      I was just stating that I learned it in high school chemistry. I re-learned it in freshman Physics (AND chemistry) in college (my high school physics teacher never tought the ideal or combined gas law).

      PV=nRT is the ideal gas law. Yes, you can see that if volume is not held constant, then pressure doesn't change proportionally with temperature. The topic of our discussion was the air bladders in the beds. I doubt they are highly elastic and so for practical purposes we can assume their volume to be constant.

      The combined gas law says that P1*V1/T1 = P2*V2/T2. Plug and chug and you see what a change in one does to one of the others. Yeehaw! I'm a genius.

    • Only if volume decreases less than pressure increases. It's physics, not chemistry.

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