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  • MrPresidentUSA MrPresidentUSA Mar 7, 2005 6:39 PM Flag

    Bed company buys out SCSS?

    As SCSS moves along it seems to me a traditional bed company would consider buying out SCSS because of the name brand, distribution, and marketing already in place. A simple name change like "Serta Sleep Number Bed" or "Sealy Sleep Number Bed" would be a very easy transition. But maybe they're afraid of undercutting their own traditional bed sales.

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    • Itrade,

      You must have a mouse in your pocket and it looks like you (single) need to let the mouse do the talking. That is the only US or WE on this board thinking I am short. You did give me a good laugh though. The rest of US appreciate a good laugh.

      You are the biggest moron on this board. You have even taken a step above Meganeckbone. Hell look even Mega has the capacity to grasp that I am long. Thanks Millionaire. We may not always see eye to eye but we both can see a moron when he is looking us in the eye.

      This guy is just a TROLL. Leave him alone and he will go away. I did get a laugh from it. Still do.

    • it is good to see the old guard out to protect this stock even during a bad period.

      Good for you rholbach. Keep up the good fight.

    • the_millionaire_next_door the_millionaire_next_door Mar 12, 2005 9:14 PM Flag

      Get lost, jacka$$. We know and appreciate rholbach. You are unknown and unwanted.

    • We are not so sure you are a long. WHile indeed you claim as much, your posts lead us to another conclusion...

      If you don't like SCSS that's ok, but let's all be honest with each other, it's more fun!

    • Sorry if I offended anyone other than this troll with the PULL OUT joke.

      It just really bothers me when someone who doesn't know their head from their @ss starts to open their mouth. I have looked over the last couple of weeks of posts and havent seen a single post from him let alone a post that would help with anyones questions about this company.

      Additionally he stated that he hasn't seen a positve post from me...post #10218, 10217, 10261, and 10262. These were my previous posts since this week. So according to him:

      <<Are you sure you should be putting "Strong Buy" on your posts??? I have read many of them and they are "excitably negative">>

      They don't sound too negative.

      Tell some more lies.

    • Itrade,

      Who are you? Where did you come from? I have been on this board since I forgot to pull out of your mom.


      You may not care about how I invest. Don't use WE when it is you. Many of the people here have read my posts and have had intelligent conversations about my posts. You on the other hand seem to be a TROLL. I have been long on SCSS since 1990's how about you?

      Now sir, I don't care about how you make your investments, but come on, you can be upfront with me....and we will all know that your a troll.

    • Rholbach said...

      <I am still long on SCSS--I am just worried about the long term effects this will have on the retail stores.>

      Are you sure you should be putting "Strong Buy" on your posts??? I have read many of them and they are "excitably negative"

      Now Sir, we don't care how you make your investments, but come on, you can be upfront with us....and we'll all be friends.

      Just put "strong sell" next time!

    • I was referring to the latest affiliation up in the North East, Better Bedding.
      After my post I did a google on Sleep Train.
      I had no idea they were doing that.
      I also noticed the beds at Sleep Train appear to be different (perhaps in name only) from the beds sold in SC stores.
      I attempting to find prices on Sleep Train SC beds and was prompted for my zip code.
      Once I put it in I was linked to selectcomfort.com because I don't live in their market area (I don't really live in CA).
      Sleep Train offers 5 models but the descriptions of their beds makes them different and reminds me of the way SC does it on QVC.
      I concede it looks like SC is branching out the way Temperpedic has done.
      With the investment and leases in all their corporate stores I didn't think they would do that.
      I also didn't know SC owned the BBB's.

    • They own the BBB stores. It is the markets like San Fran/San Diego that have Sleep Train stores open right across the street from them that sell SCSS beds and do it at a lower cost then SCSS. They are undercutting their own stores already. So to say that they wouldn't is a false. THEY ARE DOING IT ALREADY! They are a wholesaler now. So the Bed Bath and Beyond stores are SCSS stores. They are just inside of a BBB. I don't know what a Better Sleep store is so I cannot talk about that.

      Meat you need to get more info on what your investing in. SCSS has talked about 3 years now of expanding the wholesale market.

      There was a 72 percent increase in the wholesale sales for the 12 month period ending Jan. 1, 2005. Retail grew by 23 Percent. This compares to the previous year of 21 percent for wholesale and 38 percent for retail.

      Tell me SCSS isn't trying to expand the wholesale market. Looks like they are pretty passionate about that!

      Numbers are there to prove this. Now I wish they would state the profitablity of the wholes sale market verses the retail market. That would be an interesting statistic.

      Number tell the truth MEAT. Learn to get the facts before you open your mouth.

      I am still long on SCSS--I am just worried about the long term effects this will have on the retail stores.

    • Where did you come up with that idea?
      With 380 corporate owned stores and a boatload of cash on hand why would SC do that?
      The company is making money and has employee's that have been with the company for over 18 years.
      I think SC is way to committed to "the family" to do that.

      • 1 Reply to Meat6969_98
      • I didn't mean the company would be willing to be bought out. I meant some company would buy it out with a stock takeover. What do you think? Serta or Sealy or whatever already has distributors across the country. Sleep Number Beds could be sold in that distribution chain. If the sales in that distribution chain would replace the current hundreds of stores, then that could be a cost savings. Also that traditional distribution chain would permit side-by-side comparison of the Sleep Number Bed with the traditional bed, which is not done in the SCSS stores.

        It was just a thought for conversation. This board is pretty quiet.

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