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  • Ami214 Ami214 Jul 3, 1999 8:57 PM Flag

    Hey Guys...

    Check this one out, it has been
    MDI Entertainment - symbol MDIH - currently trading
    at $2.13.

    MDI Entertainment, Inc. (a fully
    reporting company) specializes in creating, marketing and
    implementing entertainment-based promotions to the North
    American lottery industry. More than likely you have run
    across some of their promotions at your local
    convenience store: MDI Entertainment's current lottery
    promotions include scratch games featuring properties such
    as Harley-Davidson, Star Trek, Wheel of Fortune,
    Twilight Zone and Louisville Slugger. A significant aspect
    of MDI Entertainment's promotion is the awarding of
    merchandise tied to the various properties as prizes.

    Revenues and profits for MDIH are on fire: For the most
    recent 9 months they created over $6,000,000 in sales,
    with over $1,100,000 in profits or .14 per share.
    These revenues represent an increase of over 400%. If
    MDIH comes out between .16 and .19 per share for the
    full 12 month period (which we expect they will), then
    applying a mediocre PE span of around 15 to 20 would be
    equivalent to a share price of near $3 to $3.75. A much
    higher PE (and therefore stock price) could be attained
    when the company becomes listed on a larger exchange
    (NASDAQ, AMEX, etc.). The company has talked of such a

    MDIH has some interesting developments
    that could help propel the stock to new heights: one
    of their new sites will
    enable lottery players holding non-winning tickets to
    purchase themed merchandise. The site will offer a vast
    array of different merchandise items associated with
    MDI's licensed lottery properties. The non-winning
    tickets will, in effect, be valuable coupons. Ticket
    holders will be able to apply the original price of the
    ticket for discounts towards the purchase of the
    merchandise available on the web site. Tickets can be
    aggregated for discounts of up to 20%.

    Recent news
    announced that New Jersey will be the first state lottery
    with an MDI web site. The state will receive 10% of
    the merchandise revenues. If all states begin moving
    toward some type of merchandise web site in conjunction
    with their lotteries, we would expect huge revenue
    increases as a result.

    MDI's new company site is
    located at

    link to their SEC filings can be found under the
    section titled "Investors".

    Considering MDIH's
    fundamental value and exciting developments, we feel this
    company is a great short term investment.

    there are no Harley-Davidson (R) scratch tickets in
    your area, here is a link which shows one:

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    • The big news is that they reported a small
      profit, vs. the estimated loss and the CEO is gone. You
      may recall that the stock price started plummeting
      shortly after the CFO became the CEO and he pretty much
      got it all wrong. Even did a stock buy back at 15 and
      then watched the stock go down to 7.

      IMHO, the
      stock may touch 5 in the period before a new CEO is
      announced, but if they get the right person, and replace the
      mgt. team where appropriate, this stock could very
      easily see 50 in the next three years.

    • to be heading down to test it's lows prior to
      earnings. I hope this does not mean that the earnings will
      be worse than forecast, but rather investor
      impatience from those that bought after the drop and were
      looking for a pop that did not happen.

      If the
      stock drops any lower it may qualify as one of the
      better values in the market today.

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