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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 10, 2011 9:31 PM Flag

    ABX never owned Mr. Lopehandia´s areas in Chile

    Not as ABX illegally sued Mr. Jorge Lopehandia in Canada, in accordance to Canadian and Chile legal evidence of record.

    For starters, when Barrick sued Mr. Lopehandia in Canada, it was a move similar to what Barrick had done against MWR-TSX, January 2011.

    ABX has tried to discredit Mina Pascua ownership at significant financial loss to all.

    ABX did not want to tell SEC, banks, shareholders or investors, that 2001 (to date) Barrick lost 100% of legal chances to call Mina Pascua theirs via injunction C-1912-2001.

    ABX sued Mr. Lopehandia in Canada, to coverup its Criminal Trial proceedings in Chile via rendering Mr. Lopehandia an INTERNET CYBER VILLAIN in Canada, when ABX like Brian Mulñroney did in his private life, sued for libel Mina Pascua owner, to stop his financing.

    MWR-TSX, has been attacked with falsehoods 2011 in the same manner mr. Lopehandia was attacked 1995 to date by Barrick to achieve Pascua´s theft.

    Too bad for Barrick that LAC 1994 claims are dead at law and alive in fraud of ABX to the public and country of Chile laws.

    Too bad for ABX shareholders that PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL is a flawed public instrument, which does not guarantee Barrick one single gram of Mina Pascua Chile Gold, as it, includes stolen areas, seized 2001 to date from ABX including MINA PASCUYA Camp area.

    Peter Munk & BARRICK have sued in the past for less, in the form of libel lawsuits, to CITY BANK - GREG PALAST - BLANCHARD & CO. - Mr. Lopehandia

    Encouraged by the success of Brian Mulroney who prior to, sued Mr. Schreiber an arms dealer illegally for libel.

    As Mr. Mulroney was then and is today Barrick´s International Advisory Board Chairman, Barrick went ape, suing people to coverup its financial crimes.

    INTERPOL is hereby requested to arrest or to issue arrest warrants for Barrick´s entire Board of Directors before SEC and TSX.

    The crime are fraud, theft, treason, larceny.

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    • You're not as anonymous as you'd like to think doofus.

      "A Marion County judge in the past few weeks ordered two newspaper-owned websites to hand over identifying information about the authors of pseudonymous online posts.

      The rulings came in a defamation lawsuit filed by a former chief executive of Junior Achievement of Central Indiana, who wants the names of the anonymous posters to The Indianapolis Star's and Indianapolis Business Journal's websites in order to sue them for comments they made about him."

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