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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 17, 2011 6:47 PM Flag

    Barrick = anti Gold criminal insider trading crooks

    In reply to the crook that wrote....¨

    ABX looks very sick, and its dismal performance proved once again that there is NO flight to safety into gold or silver miners during world turmoil any longer.

    Dear disoriented - misinformed crook.

    Who told you that Barrick is a Gold miner?

    Barrick is a theif of Gold mines outfit, yes.

    Tanzania government was deceived of reserves
    Goldstrike USA stolen
    Poerina Mine Peru stolen yet unpaid to owners
    Shoshone land desecrated
    Cowal Australia desecrated
    Diaguita natives ancestral lands
    Bullfrog Apex Nevada
    Morro stolen by insiders to repay Swiss banks
    Placer Dome insider traded to bust others
    Sutton Resuources swallowed to steal phy. Gold
    Homestake intercpted deal with Pascua owners

    Barrick is a predatory member of wprld exchanges, engaged in overt fraud and covered up theft, fraud, crimes via crude & cruel financial terrorism design at its helm.

    Brian Mulroney and Peter Munk are herein exposed as crooks that chose LIBEL LAWSUITS as a coward way to gain time while they defrauded the exchanges worldwide.

    Your hours of freedom are counted Peter Munk, ye shall not pass 2011 in freedom.

    Jail for decades is Barrick´s management, insiders, accountants and crooked auditors karma, henceforth and for decades to come.

    100% ownership by Barrick of 100% mines named at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL or Barrick is a criminal predtary of public wallets worldwide.

    Next time you sue someone for libel in Canada Barrick, at least have the titles valid to your name criminals. ABX cheat of Courts.

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