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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Mar 25, 2011 12:14 PM Flag

    Warning, ABX lost LAC 1994 titles in Chile = Bre-X & ENRON

    Public warning of fraud to SEC by ABX.

    Peter Munk, stop being a thief.

    ABX´s titles purchased from LAC Minerals 1994, not only were and are salt & nitrates claims at this date, moreover, they were very illegally included to back the flawed (null & void at law) PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL.

    These claims are also the only territory to be legal at SEC as MINA PASCUA to ABX, everything else (260,000 hectares of burro pastures - less MORRO stolen from ABX shareholders), was done after Mina Pascua owner had 8600 hectares protecting 100% of Pascua Gold by 1996.

    The clown on these boards ¨feisty wife¨ has taken the same illegal stance than VINCENT BORG and Andy Lloyd via STOCKWATCH, meaning: distractors, impersonators, spelling misinformation and disinformation for personal gain, true criminals that are confusing the issue to ABX´s shareholders + SEC in fraud.

    Peter Munk will be very soon hosted at Chile´s criminal trial at last.

    Also invited are, Randall Oliphant, Patrick Garver & Vincent Borg who fled ABX when alerted of their pending appearances at Chile´s criminal trials. Many others too.

    These crooks will enjoin Mr. Libel to avert Police & law enforcement, a.k.a. crook Brian Mulroney, conn artist of libel lawsuits, to protect his personal and corporate (ABX) financial crimes, from law enforcement.

    make sure that ABX´s titles used to con SEC as if they protected ownership of Mina Pascua to Barrick, are brought alongside their bogus and fake letters of opinion, doctored SEC financials and audits, to jail the culprits.

    SEC regulators and Madoff protectors are advised that all are fair game to be side by side with Barrick´s criminal echelons to face justice at last.

    Why has ABX refused in abbetting and confirmed guilt by silence, a proper legal response to MWR-TSX? Because ABX lacks clean ownership to its largest SEC filed Gold Silver & Copper asset

    Pascua´s Copper can suffice to pay for the mine and extraction of 23+ Million ounces of Gold and 600+ Million ounces of Silver.

    Has anyone noted that Gold came from USD250 per ounce 2001 to current levels, alongside Silver from USD4 to current levels and Copper from 67 cents to 4+ dollars per lb?

    What happenned 2001 to mark such a surge to date? C-1912-2001 seizure of Mina Pascua in Chile to date, 2001 warnings were sent to TSE-(TSX) SEC, FED, Superintendence of European and world banks that ABX-FED were Pascua less... corrections ensued, PPT ensued and no one told the public the truth. Why?

    The answer? a bogus libel lawsuit against Mina Pascua owner in Canada to seek his arrest and murder as threatened on these boards, with lies and false testimony by Barrick, Canadian lawsuit was ushered via false testimony by fled PATRICK GARVER.

    ABX owes all its Chile assets to Mina Pascua ownership, plus 25% of its Gold reserves as wit by ABX in Canada lawsuit against Mr. Lopehandia.

    ABX shall exit Chile and world exchanges in shame, just like Bre X and ENRON did.

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