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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Apr 5, 2011 6:41 PM Flag

    ABX management + Peter Munk - Chile bound

    Word has it the ABX insiders culprit of financial and mining property fraud, abusing Chile as platfor to deceive exchanges worldwide have been served to attend Chile courts, as soon ABX's misdeeds are coming to an abrupt legal halt in Chile.

    Barrick shall receive a string of legal face slaps in the forthcoming days.

    May the public and SEC consider themselves forwarned.

    It is too late for Barrick to change the story they peddled against Mina Pascua owner, who record has it, has asserted his name and claims over Mina Pascua Chile, on public record once again, last month in Chile.

    With that move, Barrick is left with LAC'S 1994 claims all but buried at law as deserved and disclosed to the public prior to.

    Barrick is left with a flawed and null at law PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL and faces the wrath of the Chilean judicial powers in preparation for justice at last.

    ABX is living in borrowed and conned legal time, via a criminally oriented lawsuit for libel to Mina Pascua owner of record in Canada.

    Barrick actually conned the courts and the public with SEC abbetting and supporting, without real or proper scrutiny of the fraud, just like Bern Maddof, peter Munk enjoyed immunity while the public and banks were fleeced for over a decade of Stock Exchange crimes.

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    • Only simple minded fools make their investment decisions based on unsubstantiated information from anonymous posts which start with the disclaimer "Word has it....".

      Once again, can you provide a reliable link which backs-up your claims? Until then, your rantings will be ignored by most as the ramblings of a fustrated investor.

    • People bought today because they subscribe to the worst possible outcomes: (1) US Government shuts down, (2) Portugal defaults, (3) Africa and Middle East head towards conflagerration, (4) Japan is damaged economically and the world population is afflicted by dangerous levels of radiation for decades, (5) QE3 is going to occur, (6) Commodity inflation will rip Western civiliation apart economically.....None of this has occurred YET and there is a high probability that this perfect storm won't be a perfect the final analysis. So there is nothing fundamental about what happened today. When the nightmare wears off the price of gold will come down. And one last point if any of these events were to occur the celebration in gold and commodities would be short lived as recent history has shown.....NO ASSET class survives a market crash.....that is global....

    • Keep telling yourself that shorty..

      Maybe if you repeat it often enough it will become true? Maybe if you say it over and over and over again, we will all wake up and find that we aren't living in a world of inflation, controlled substantially be a group of individuals (FED) who deny the existence of such inflation so that they can stoke its fires further?

      Or, maybe I'll just see you at 60 bucks instead.


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