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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 10, 2011 3:37 PM Flag

    Silver Wheaton never seen Pascua Mineral Concessions

    Voodoo, you have raised a point of entreme interest here.

    Can you sell Real State in Canada with documents belonging to a USA transaction, using depictions of area covered by maps / titles over USA territory?

    Barrick pulled a fast one on shareholders, but also against Silver Wheaton.

    That is why the Silver was at tin can prices, stolen goods.

    Barrick is no different to a garbage class pawnshop selling stolen merchandize.

    It would be trivial, was it not that Ontario Tachers Pension Funds, Police all are invested on these crooks.

    You are urged to come clean TSX - ABX - NYSE

    There are some clearly silent dirty hands insiders at barrick whom are unable to counter with 2011 title the contentes of www . minapascuachile . com

    Barrick ought to show clear title of its SEC filed TSX filed, ownership of TESOROS UNO 1-30 through to TESOROS DOCE 1-5, 3100 hectares, likewise regarding its owned AMARILLOS 1-3000.

    In the name of BARRICK GOLD CORPORATION 2011 or MINERA NEVADA SPA as it appears in Barrick's Annual report filed with SEC.

    Filed and listed as duly owned by Barrick Gold Corporation at SERNAGEOMIN CHILE - Mining Registrar of Vallenar Chile.

    Owned as metallic concessions prior to December 11, 2004 the date of publication of PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL with AMARILLOS & TESOROS at page 8.

    No one can say "I own this vehicle", unless the name of the owner is registered.

    It is the same for Barrick.

    It has a ranmpant fraud at SEC filings 2011.

    RED HOT FRAUD, called MINA PASCUA CHILE, totally outside of its pseudo PASCUA LAMA FARCE.

    Peter Munk is challenged to produce titles to clean his PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL mess of lies and misrepresentations that run contrary to Injunction - medida prejudicial precautoria C-1912-2001, valid from June 2001, to this date.

    Time to come clean with the public peter, your holidays of printing garbage are over, for you and pseudo regulators who allowed the travesty of justice to take place, set in, to swindle innocent pensioneers of canada and USA.

    The Pension funds cash syphoned for the expensive parties of caviar are over Peter, you are summoned to show your titles to wilkipedia at least 2000 - 2011.

    Closing MINA PASCUA due to low Gold prices, a US40 Gold ounce cost.

    When only the Copper component may raise all the required funds to exploit Pascua Mine Chile, let alone the Silver and Gold Components.

    Why the lies to not open Pascua?

    Is Chile's Gold not shiny enough at US40/oz, Peter the liar Munk?

    Peter Munk and his entire entourage of bandits, shall be hung soon iun the court of Public opinion as arch demons, true financial terrorists.

    They can not subject thousands of families to fake - bogus jobs that never showed up, the ones that showed were precontracted to be paid after finished job.

    That means many started few are stable mostly gone.

    That gave way to strikes and bad treatment of miners.

    Why Barrick? why? when you knew title you had not, bribed water rights holders and organisms into sumbmition and issuance of approvals with promises of 60 million US.

    Title you had not peter the crook.

    Why being the true demon, THE GREENCH that stole PASCUA? (Christmas in Spanish - also Easter)... for US20 equivalent Peter.

    You see, Barrick in my opinion, wanted to laugh hard at Mina Pascua owner with an unconstitutional contract. laugh they did for almost two decades...

    Today peter Munk will have to caugh his inners, as everything he owns is ;little and puny in comparison of the kick in the butt he stands to get from mina pascua owner, associates, partners, casualties of the greedy clock & dagger played worldwide against Mina Pascua owner, as record shows at ORO SUCIO typing Lopehandia.

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