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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 1, 2011 11:39 AM Flag

    OT History of PASCUA mine area claims

    1978 Via thrid parties not LAC nor BARRICK these area claims come to be AMARILLOS 1-300 claims of 1 hectare each.

    Total land mass of PASCUA area @ 1978 = 3000 hectares.

    These claims were and are at 2011 "Expoloration Concessions for sulpho salts & nitrates".

    Not good for a metallic project exploitation license.

    Hence PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL is dead.

    As it has AMARILLOS 1-3000 as number 1 on its mining property "concessions list, page 8, DIARIO OFICIAL DE CHILE Deceber 11, 2004.

    1994 LAC MINERALS sold to ABX/Peter Munk for insiders ripp off of both corporations, salts claims for 1.7 Billion USD.

    1995 Barrick's geolgists go to see the huge alteration crossing from Chile to Argentina and decided to GPS Argentine land into Chile mining claims, altering Barrick Chile's - ABX's - LAC 1994 claims, into bogus mining property scheeme.

    The alteration to LAC 1994 concessions was done in an illegal manner as it is illegal to claim Argentine territory in Chile.

    (Hence all parties at ABX - Mulroney - Bush - Luksic - all attacked Lopehandia's rights to date, tried to disrepute, while working hard by media, to create the sense of a neutral PASCUA LAMA lawless country between Chile & Argentina solely to satisfy ABX's mining property fraud running contrary to the mining laws of Chile.

    Did all of that clock & dagger save Barrick at 2011? with another LAC - (BRE-X) EQUINOX rosy deal at hand, loosing Pascua & perhaps Chile?

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    • The info pascuaforensics is stating can be found from chile legal docs submitted by MWR on Sedar.

      After reading through the docs on this from MWR and JL website it's clear ABX has issues in chile.

      ABX halt soon to protect the markets? Seems to me more info would be made public as I don't see JL or MWR backing down from their position on this issue.

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