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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 3, 2011 5:47 PM Flag

    johnkursed... there is no better blind than he who refuses to see

    you wrote & I quote"

    "But I was just informed that Jorge has clear title by other parties posting on this board so justice has been served."

    ** NOPE, justice is under way to spank Barrick.
    Jorge Lopehandia has perfect titles under way.

    "Another question would be if he has clear title why does he need MWR's $900,000.00? It does not make sense."

    *** Barrick lies that it has clear title and lies that it needs 3.4 Billion USD for the same, and you scorn MWR for the truth of record and punny under !USDMM? he he he you are a crook are you not?

    "Other posters say he has clear title given to him by Chiles surpreme court so that would be end of story,no more litagation,done deal no need for MWR's money or anyones.

    *** 2+2 is 222 in accordance 2 u

    "I believe thier is more to this story than what these other posters are stating."
    ** You got that right pal!

    "I also cannot comprehend how these guys keep posting the same thing over and over again. Do they do it out of the goodness of thier hearts? I think not."

    *** Hey dude, if you lost your child, and found he who has the child under captivity "officially protected" what would you do?... lay low & cry?

    "I,on the other hand admit I have 8,850 shares and I will contact Barrick after I copy the most damaging post to them on this board and send it to them. "

    *** Now you are making the board a service for that will have for sure to prompt Barrick to take action and publish its 2011 PASCUA LAMA - LAC 1994 titles as legal metallic mining concessions valid to Barrick as per PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL at 2011, including but not limited to TESOROS concessions clean and cleared to Barrick 2011.

    That is your home work now patriotic citizen.

    Thanks on behalf of everyone here for your honest disposicion.

    Hope you do get the ear of Barrick and Peter Munk steps in the open for a face off with Mina Pascua seller to MWR, looser goes to jail!!!!

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    • That is a good size purchase by Munk. Clearly he is not worried about Chile.

    • Yes, MWR states there is a draft of an agreement in the works. They can draft as many agreements as they wish and they can draft a new Constitution for Canada if that strikes their fancy, but only signed binding agreements are valid and until they produce one of those, all their drafts mean nothing. That is why I am so interested in the anticipated, albeit late, biweekly status update. I'm sure that a binding agreement with JL, if they had one, would be great news for them as they are prohibited by the exchange from giving JL any more "advances" without such an agreement, which, I would presume, rather restrains any interaction between JL and MWR. I just checked the website again, but the update report still isn't linked. If you see a link for this update, please post it here. I am aquiver with anticipation.

      As to 3rd party evidence, neither my opinion nor your opinion really matters. The Chilean courts will determine the validity of any evidence, and at this point, as MWR update report specifies, there is no guarantee that JL will be successful in his litigation. Until he *is* successful, the PL Gold Project, as MWR states, is "currently held" and controlled by Barrick and no amount of blogs, message boards, or websites will change that.

    • Looks like they are buying. I guess the should talk to pascuaforeskin so he can set them straight.

    • madeoff May 13, 2011 2:40 AM Flag

      The document you are quoting is astonishing. While it is true that the document clarifies there is no agreement as of yet, you failed to mention the document also says that a draft agreement is in process. The TSX Venture has been very clear in its statement regarding the halt. They have quoted policy 5.3 5.6 which addresses "major acquistions." If you are choosing to do further DD, I would encourage you to call the TSX Venture exchange and inquire about the halt. They will bluntly tell you that it is due to a major acquisition.

      Also, I would encourage you to read the March 2, 2011, news release carefully. It is 10 pages long and includes irrefutable 3rd party evidence that the only name of Title to Mina Pascua is Jorge Lopendehia.

      If you decide to do further DD, I would encourage you to go to and check if any major Barrick players have been selling off their position.


      This is one of the most astonishing documents I've ever read. I am very eager to read their next installment of the biweekly default status report to see if MWR has made any progress in obtaining an agreement with JL. Right now they have neither a written or oral agreement, nor as they say, any guarantee that an agreement will be entered into. MWR wants security for the almost $1 million "advances" they have given JL including, of course, his mining claims. I have no idea why JL would agree to do that. He has the money and, currently, MWR has no recourse.

      The biweekly update on the status of their default in the exchange regulations by failing to file their financial statements on a timely basis and any agreement with JL was due out yesterday, May 11, but as yet nothing has appeared. The status seems to be in limbo.

      MWR also wants to issue more shares and warrants to raise $900,000 in order to finance due diligence as pertains to a possible agreement with JL. I would have thought the management had the fiduciary responsibility to the shareholders to do the DD *before* they gave JL their stockholders money, not afterward.

      The Report also states that "the Pascua Lama Gold Project [is] currently held by Barrick Gold" and that "Mr. Jorge Lopehandia claims to be the holder of beneficial title to Mina Pascua", and "there is no guarantee that Mr. Lopehandia will be successful in his litigation." Those are very wishy washy words for what is declared to be a cut and dried done deal.

      Quite astonishing.

    • I have shirts worth more than you probally make in a week. I'm sure you would love to be able to afford even half the shares I own but to do that you would need a brain to generate income.

    • You are a total moron. If you look at most of my posts I never denied that you could be right, just that I have my doubts and do not believe everything I read. Get a life and get out more, I think all of this posting has tweeked your brain.

    • hey Johnny, you are now in hope the truth is not truth?

      Bet you your 8000+ shares that it is 100% truth.

      I bet you that Barrick does not hold title to the titles it purported to have against Mina Pascua owner, at the Ontario lawsuit.

      I bet your shares that Barrick can not back up its mining property it lied to own via MINERA NEVADA LIMITADA at PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL

      I bet yiou that Barrick's titles to LAC 1994 concessions, were lost at Barrick's indulgence in braking Chilean Mining laws against Mina Pascua owner.

      I bet your shares Mina Pascua owner holds clean title to Mina Pascua and he is not Barrick.

      care to lose your shirt hopeful Johnny?

    • Hey island, don't you think that Barrick would have made a deal with Jorge if he indeed does own the land? I'm sure they could have appeased him with a few hundred million or more and it would have been the path of least resistance rather than shell out billions for copper mine.

    • Finally someone with insight. I agree some jaws would drop if true and I wait hoping the story is not true.

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