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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 14, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    MWR shall land Pascua, ABX? = jail/cease trade

    For all the crying crocodiles for US1 Million from MWR for PASCUA rights.

    * Go and cry rivers for the US2 Billion in devaluation of your EQUINOX investment.

    + Cry Rivers for the cash lost by ABX when selling 7 million oz. to DEUTSCHE BANK AG for US429 and had to repay at US1000/oz - thanks to foolish shareholders like you.

    * 1Million USD = under 1000oz. If that is really what MWR has given Mr. Lopehandia for Pascua, then Mr. Lopehandia is in the business of making shareholders rich. In my opinion.

    * Barrick paid over 1.5 Billion record has it, for LAC MINERALS claims of 1994,which are salt & nitrates concessions. There goes more billions lost from your beloved corp.

    * JPM-Golman & Sachs- Merril Lynch - Solomon bros, gave Barrick USD500 Million to start Gold production at Pascua 2000. Barrick was permitted to mine in Chile MINA PASCUA until 2001 on record at CONAMA - COREMA Environmental Commissions.

    * Barrick intentionally closed Mina Pascua a USD40 Gold oz. "due to low Gold prices", having every other mine oz. being a lot more expensive worldwide.

    * Barrick has spent millions on top of millions trying to fight Mr. Lopehandia over a US20 contract, 2011-2011, why?

    * Silver Wheaton's cash for a conned contract where Silver was sold by Barrick at US4/oz, did not make Barrick money or did it?

    It was an alibi to surprise fools like you

    * If MWR needs only US1 Million to land what Barrick has milked by US Billions...

    I am going to sell my Volks Wagon Van, my portable lap top, and buy shares of MWR.

    Will ask all my friends and known parties that own Barrick stock and are concerned, to do like wise if they want to land a piece of the Mina Pascua action.

    * 1 Million dollars for Pascua rights? MWR

    * Billions wasted for nothing Barrick?

    My pick is......


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