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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 13, 2011 10:02 AM Flag

    MWR shall land Pascua, ABX? = jail/cease trade

    When the dust settles at Pascua's "dust storm caused by ABX reporting false material facts regarding its largest single Gold - Silver Ciopper asset in its crooked books".

    SEC and TSX should be getting ready to knock Barrick's doors down, alongside IRS and Interpol

    It will be fun, looking at pseudo Gold barons run away from the law... there will be chases indeed as patriotic volunteers locate the escapees... a la "OJ scapade"...

    These crooks milked and bilked Barrick and the system 1996-2011 and have NOT DELIVERED one gram of Gold at Pascua Mine, Barrick's largest asset.

    Why? why close a USD40 oz "due to low Gold prices", invent Gold under the Glaciers? invent LAMA? why Barrick why so many lies and fraud and so little yellow metal?

    Barrick does not own its PASCUA LAMA PROTOCOL properties as filed in Chile and Argentina.

    Such lethal fraud, has Barrick at Pascua from the very far outside... looking as Pascua dissapears in the horizon for ABX at 2011.

    Serves them weel for crooks.

    Peter Munk, your time of reckoning is here! now!

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    • Why would Munk have just bought 50,000 more shares if what you say is true?

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      • Thanks for letting the public know that Peter Munk is trying yet another deception @ ABX

        For a guy who as insider has fleeced Barrick, to buy 50,000 shares, looks like desperate manipulation of blocks to see price spikes.

        Whatever peter Munk is doing by buying 50,000 shares is ridiculous, too little and too late.

        Surely Peter's 50,000 shares purchase shall not pay for EQUINOX pillaging of ABX's till, or will it?

        Again, thanks for letting the public know, that Peter Munk is trying to prop ABX's shares trade price. IMHO

    • Here, I'll help you out:

      BULLETIN TYPE: Remain Halted
      BULLETIN DATE: April 18, 2011
      TSX Venture Tier 2 Company

      Further to TSX Venture Exchange Bulletin dated April 15, 2011, effective at 8:52 a.m., PST, April 18, 2011, trading in the shares of the Company will remain halted pending receipt and review of acceptable documentation regarding the proposed transaction pursuant to Exchange Policy 5.3, Section 5.6.

    • I highly doubt that the exchange would approve of giving cash away with no collateral and possibly would not like them doing it without shareholder approval.

    • You should read your links before posting them. One of the things it stated was that the issurer should have the funds to develope the asset. MWR has no money!

    • Please explain to the world how a company raises money to develop mining properties? Every CEO should listen to jojnkurz right now, I think he has found the lost secrete to a successful company.

      I await your response.

    • I don't think that it means what you think it means. The acquisition of an asset need not refer to property. Indeed, the reviewable transaction is explicitly stated in MWR's "Biweekly Default Status Report".

      Quote from the report: "The Exchange has advised that the Issuer may not make any further advances to Mr. Lopehandia until it has filed with the Exchange an agreement with Mr. Lopehandia and the Exchange has reviewed the agreement and related documentation and the Exchange has expressly approved further advances."

      The reviewable transaction is the proposed agreement with JL. Obviously, if they do not have a legal agreement with JL, the thought that this trading halt refers to any mining claims, is premature.

      The problem for MWR, as I see it, is that there is no incentive for JL to enter into any agreement to offer security for the money he has been given to date. He already has received $925,589.88 without any agreement that he is obliged to repay or give any consideration in return. And since the exchange is now in a position to review any agreement and subsequently approve any further advances, the free flowing money from the shareholders of MWR will have dried up.

      If an agreement in made, I'm certain that MWR ensure rapid publication, so there isn't an agreement yet. And as explicated in their Report, "There is no guarantee that any agreement will be entered into with Mr. Lopehandia and there is no guarantee that the Exchange will approve any agreement with Mr. Lopehandia."

      So we wait, but to assume the ominous denouement that has been predicted on this board has any certainty is at best wishful thinking on the part of the prognosticators.

      I will be surprised if an agreement is concluded. But that is just my opinion. In the meantime from Policy 5.3, Section 5.6:

      "Where a halt in trading has been required in connection with the transaction, the Issuer must issue a news release regarding the status of the transaction every 30 days following any trading halt, until the transaction is complete and a news
      release has been issued confirming closing of the transaction."

      So a report is due out according to the TSX rules by next Monday, May 15th giving the status. We will all see what they say then.

    • Mountain West Resources does not even have enough information to build website.

      What kind of company is that? I tell you. Scam company.

      Look what crap they put in previous MD&A

      "In addition the Company is funding Mr. Jorge Lopehandia who purports to hold title to a valuable mineral property in
      Chile, with the expectation that the Company may enter into an agreement with that party in order to obtain an interest in
      such property. The Company is in the process of negotiating with Mr. Jorge Lopehandia in order to enter into a written
      agreement relating to this project."

      Perhaps BCSC pruports MWR is big scam? LOL!!!

    • And further more from same MD&Y...

      On about February 1, 2010 the Company entered into an oral agreement with Mr. Lopehandia and since February 5,
      2010, the Company has been advancing money to Mr. Jorge Lopehandia, primarily to fund his litigation efforts to
      establish his ownership rights to the Chilean portion of the Pascua Lama gold-silver claims currently under development
      by Barrick Gold Corporation. As of October 31, 2010, the Company has advanced a total of US$306,761 to Mr.
      Lopehandia. Subsequent to October 31, 2010, the Company has advanced an additional amount of US$274,428 with the
      last advance being made on December 17, 2010 in the amount of US$75,000. Accordingly, as of the date of this
      MD&A, the Company has advanced an accumulated total of approximately US$581,189 to Mr. Lopehandia. For such
      financial assistance, the Company expects to obtain either (a) an interest in the Pascua Lama property if Mr. Lopehandia
      is successful in proving his ownership rights to the Pascua Lama property, or failing such, (b) an interest in another
      property in which Jorge Lopehandia has an ownership interest with all payments made by the Company being credited
      to the acquisition price.
      The Company is in the process of negotiating with Mr. Lopehandia for a written agreement relating to this project.
      Mr. Lopehandia has also been investigating the availability of properties of merit in Chile on behalf of the Company.

      Looks like MWR was scammed out of a few dollars by Jorge. Go Jorge go :)

    • It gets even better. Look at latest legal action per May 3, 2011 press release...

      Mountain-West Resources filed an appel in Division One Court of APpeals in Washingston State on April 18, 2011. THis appeal is in regard to the estate of Michael J. Fitzgerald. This will be the second and final appeal against the estate as we are trying to be classified as an ascertainable creditor.

      The reason the Company has had to go through this process is because Tronox Worldwide LLP and our former attorney in Reno, Nevada, C. Robert Cox, improperly terminated the litigation against Fitzgerald in October, 2010. They were only allowed to do this with the consent and approval of the Company based on the contract in place. The Compnay will continue ot advise our shareholders as we move forward.

      The Company has also filed an official complaint with the IRS in Jefferson City, Missouri. The Company has provided documents that prove wrongdoing by a former director of the Comany in regards to behavior on his part. The Company intends to completely cooperate with the IRS.

      The Company also wishes ot inform that Mr. Jorge' Lopehandia has worked extensively with us on the Fitzgerald/United States litigation. He has introduced us to persons who have provided us with substantial evidence. We would also like to preport that we are not in contractual relationship with Steven C. Davis. At some point in the future that may change. We however, workign with Kanco Energy stockholders with the purpuose of solving these long-standing issues aginast the Company's former President, Michael Fitzgerald (deceased).

      Quite a messy kitchen...

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