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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 13, 2011 9:08 PM Flag

    jojhnkurz doubting Thomas, here is your medicine

    You doubt MWR has the cash?

    You think Barrick had cash?

    MINA PASCUA'S Gold, Silver & Copper are the cash.

    Barrick realized billions against Mina Pascua even when they did at law know prior to, that Mina Pascua was a fraud.

    (ABX defending vigorously a USDF$20 title fraud, spending millions USD 2001-2011)

    Just ask yourself why Barrick keeps closed 1994 to date that is 17 years Mina Pascua?

    Barrick's lies are GOLD UNDER THE GLACIERS and PASCUA CLOSED due to low Gold prices.

    Mina Pascua is a mine with a USD40 Gold oz cost, Barrick's crooked insiders preferr "other jurisdictions", in favor of spending over USD500 per Gold oz. elsewhere in the Plantet?

    Mina Pascua got Barrick billions for every aborted start up date, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, now 2015 as contracted with Silver Wheaton "stolen Silver sales"?

    You look at the hair in someone's eye and fail to advise Barrick that it has a butcher's knive stubbed right into the center of its brain!?

    MWR or anyone for that matter, even mr. lopehandia alone, shall have the ability to Bank or finance Pascua Gold reserves and get plenty of cash.

    You are missing the point.

    Barrick does not have enough assets in Chile to respond at law, for Mina Pascua owners's losses.

    Do you read Spanish? search in an engine that starts with "G" and has "2 Gs" in the middle and ends up with "le"... write Oro Sucio.

    It is all there as a matter of publc domain, just happens to be that Barrick has managed to enlist liars like ANDY LLOYD & STOCKWATCH to fabricate stories that are far away from barrick's legal reality in chile.

    ABX does that to buy precious time to unload insiders positions.

    50,000 shares is a decoy, like the tip to ABX after the pillage by insiders at the EQUINOX bust!!!

    did you see how much copper lost? 1/3 of its value or 2Billion of the Equinox deal going south? eh?

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    • Pascua foreskin my old pal. Is your medication failing? Should your doctor up the dose? MWR has no money! What bank in it's right mind is going to give multi millions to some penny ante little company that has a few thousand in the bank? You are an idiot! I believe the exchange stated that the issuer had to have the funds to pursue the asset. It did not say get the asset then look for the money to finance the deal. I once again await your convoluted,abstract and non sensical reply that seems to be written by an autistic child.

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