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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 14, 2011 11:17 AM Flag

    Pascua Foreskin please take your medicine.

    Dear depressed John.

    You sure have a mental mess.

    First you come as a shareholders who defends at all cost the undefendible.

    Then you cast doubt on the message and messenger.

    Desperate at the message and certain degrading of your investment, as desperado you attack with fury.

    Unavle to scratch or clib the crystal tower with your soap and foam ridden hands and mouth...

    you resort to "sexual innuendo"?

    you are a troubled puppy...

    I eonder what else you do in Internet other than "defending the undefendible" and "having sexual fantasies with your loosing investment".

    your credibility has gone to the toillet which is now flushed and hope you have a good trip to the water treatment plant.

    There is a lot of prozac thereat at your end of the woods that will certainly be in the flushed waters.

    You will be alright sick minded puppy.

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    • My dear Mr. Foreskin, I am not troubled by anything except you and your inability to admit the true reason you keep posting,non-stop,the same thing over and over again.Even if it were true it would bother me on many levels because it is a bit to much. Also you being from a different country and you not being able to write in english very well makes your posts into childish gibberish. If I were depressed I just would have sold my shares and moved on. I am not in love with Barrick or any other stock,I neither hate or love a stock but you seem to very much hate Barrick which is another reason I think you are an imbecile. I do not hate anything and do not use the word in my speech and never have. Have a nice spiteful and bitter day.

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