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  • benya789 benya789 May 14, 2011 12:31 PM Flag

    Urgent: ABX Traders - Dont drop the soap.. I mean Ball..

    Judging by what I read at the virtual MWR website and extrapolating, it might be MWR boys sitting in the can.

    Why has MWR failed to file necessary documents? What information do want to avoid revealing? Why is MWR having to sue estate of former CEO? Why does MWR only have verbal agreement to agree with Jorge boy?

    And bigger question for MWR is do you think it is about time you admitted that Jorge might well indeed be scamming you? If Jorge was legit why would she avoid all written agreements?

    IMO sounds like MWR has been conned by gold mining equivalent of Nigerian 419 scam. Who does it feel boys?

    And BTW boys, why doesn't MWR spend a few dollars and have a proper website. I just hate having to use the virtual website. It is so slow and limits the amount of your past dirt I can pull down per hour. I'd like to get at everything fast. More fun that way :)

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