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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics May 17, 2011 2:19 PM Flag

    ABX/SLW urged to show Pascua Chile titles 2011

    The crooks bought & sold Chile's Silver and SLW DD'd Argentina titles only? ho ho ho ho

    ABX shareholders (Peter Munk & his annointed insider pirates) let go of 150 Million oz of Silver at USD4 / oz to SLW, to "amke it appears as if SLW checked Pascua titles and everything is hankydoy....


    Barrick has no titles!

    Not as lied at their own flawed, illegal, null & void at 2011 laws, PACUA LAMA PROTOCOL.

    Is like embarking in a JV faraway and going travelling without a passport Peter Munk!

    ABX's entire filings with SEC and TSX regarding Chile - Mina Pascua 1994 to date, have been altered, doctored, eluded material facts, lies to RCMP-IMET, lies to TSE/TSX, lies to shareholders, lies to the public, lies in Chile, lies in USA, lies in Argentina...

    compulsive lairs via STOCKWATCH & Andy Lloyd farcic 2011 "posturing of ABX at Pascua"

    ABX has a grave problem, it, took the names of Chile's judicial to escape fraud 2011 via STOCKWATCH - ANDY LLOY farcic criminal staged up PR release of ABX v. MWR.

    Soon, Chilean Courts will use Barrick's lies abroad to smack thiir teeth out of their filthy mouths.

    How dare they trample with the honorable Judge Maria Isabel reyes kokisch, who trounced barrick at law and devolved MINA PASCUA are to Chile owner(s)?

    How dare Barrick lies and abuses "Court of Appeal decision" that was one of many wranglings until Barrick got trounced at law at SUPREME COURT OF CHILE?

    Barrick's largest Gold - Silver - Copper asset, is about to fall on Barrick's liar insiders heads to bury them in facts and evidence.

    Hope they like chili beans and no heating

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