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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jun 20, 2011 1:20 PM Flag

    MWR will receive unlimited financing from Lopehandia's family allies

    For the incredulous

    - The private mining holdings of the Lopehandia Family, shall generate capital to do Pascua when and if need be.

    - Private holdings or private miners in Chile, do not enjoy the privilege to deal direct with SEC or TSX regulators. When done in the past, Mr. Lopehandia was ignored.

    - MWR and Lopehandia share asset trampling and those assets rest at ABX aka Barrick Gold Corporation.

    - An alliance at a public venue against the same predator, is just fair go for the game of expòsing ABX's fraud.

    - MINA PASCUA shall finance itself, based on proven Gold - Silver and Copper reserves, after yanked at law from ABX's books as filed in fraud to SEC - TSX.

    The rest, is speculation and fraud by Barrick - Petr Munk et al, specially rthe crooked auditing firms.

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    • 4skin,
      Why do you whine link a *itch that caught bits of skin in a zipper?

      If Jorge's people own all of this stuff then they don't need to file anything with the SEC and TSX. All that needs to happen is boot ABX off your land in Chile. The SEC and TSX wouldn't do any booting. If the land is yours then use your courts to evict ABX from your land.

      If Jorge owns what he says he does then the focus needs to be in Chile. Go to Chilian court and sue for trespass. Evict.

      You all remind me of the Chilian flute players everyone tries to avoids on the street and at markets. Perhaps a curious sound the first time one hears it but once you've heard it once you'll do lots to avoid hearing it again.

      Take your flute players with you and play in Chile where your song might be appreciated!! So go home. Or just go away :)

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      • So will their accomplice auditors stand to be scrutinized.

        Harsh reality about to set in.

        The times of Peter Munk's fall are upon us.

      • Exactly. The exchanges can't do any enforcing of law. The only thing they can regulate is the stock of a company that trades on the exchange. It can halt stocks and prevent them from trading if the companies do not meet the requirements of the exchange, but they have no authority outside of the exchange in property matters. They have no authority at all over private companies or persons. The only reason that the TSX is involved is that JL involved MWR by taking money from a publically traded company.

        The Lopehandia family, if they had the money itself, did not need to involve any stock exchange, so pf's second point is moot.

        If the Lopehandia family has enough money, then they should have given the money directly to JL instead of involving a third party company (MWR) with whom they would need to share 50% of the proceeds of the mine if and when it would be developed. So pf's first point is strange.

        The third point, that JL and MWR share a mutual antipathy, would not have changed if they did or did not enter into a business arrangement. They could have just sat around the kitchen table and complained about ABX. So pf's third point is superfluous.

        The fourth point is irrelevant. Fraud is decided by courts, not public opinion. When and if there is a judgement against Barrick, I'm sure the publicity will be enough to satisfy everyone. Until then, there is nothing to publicize.

        Pf's fifth point, that Mina Pascua will finance itself ignores the hefty development costs that will be incurred before
        even one ounce of gold is ever mined. Money needs to be raised by MWR to meet capital requirements of the exchange, to excersize the option if it so chooses, and development of the mine if and when it will be developed by MWR and JL, if JL wins his appeal in Chile, if his claims are what he says they are and he can prove clear title.

        Clearly, there is no reason for JL to strike a business arrangement with MWR if he already had private funds available to development the mine.

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