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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 8, 2011 11:47 AM Flag

    ABX now ready to be sued for fraud to SEC books

    100% of the required evidence is now at SEC 2011 filings and Barrick has no escapatory.

    One can see it was forced to come open with its fraud.

    Barrick never owned TESOROS claims - on title - purported to defend MINA PASCUA CAMP.

    Such lose leaves Barrick as losers at MINA PASCUA CHILE.

    Yet they dare to impersonate title ownership? how low has PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS fallen to allow fraud to go rampant at ABX? just like it did allow WORLDCOMM to run rampant?

    Time of reckoning crooks!

    Barrick's SEC books are a collection of criminal wrongdoings, fraud, theft, money laundering and syphoning of Barrick's shareholders wealtth against never existing MINA PASCUA expenses.

    Peter Munk you must stop at once cleaning your filthy mouth with Chile or Mina Pascua's name.

    Peter Munk is challenged to a face off with MWR and its seller at any public forum wordlwide.

    ABX"s cowards prefer silent manipulation a la BRE-X

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    • If you have evidence, then you should sue. Posting ineffectual, inane posts on a Yahoo message board will get you nowhere.

      • 1 Reply to mtstack2000
      • Be good sports, a clear warning that Barrick is peddling illegally stolen TESOROS asset, in overt fraud to the Judicial powers of Chile, is a good way to name the issue.

        namely Injuction C-1912-2001 has been trespassed in fraud to SEC by Barrick.

        That is a very serious crime.

        Criminal indeed

        1. To deface MINA PASCUA PROSPECTUS

        2. To try to produce Gold with SALTS & NITRATES dead concessions. AMRILLOS 1-3000 and all comprised thereat.

        3. Impersonation of TESOROS titles. Where MINA PASCUA CAMP is indicated to be by the mining property expert.

        These titles were impeached 2001 from being transferred by HECTOR UNDA LLANOS to date.

        At this date TESOROS, as shown at www . minapascuachile . com the titles are at 2011 in the name of Jorge R. Lopehandia, not Barrick Gold Corporation.

        Why does barrick engage in public deception via SEC stating to own TESOROS when in fact Barrick has NOTHING TO DO with Mina pascua Chile?

        Whereas whomever has to sue Barrick shall, no doubt, my role of forensic reporting, is just commencing.

        USA cyberspace and jurisdiction applies to these news. These are ABX USA Boards, not Canada. As such, is the land of the free to express yourself in a manner that helps to keep public peace.

        In my crystal ball, the public is at risk, so long that I listen to people that hate to have been told in a public forum, that they are victims of fraud on their public stock investment.

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