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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 8, 2011 1:12 PM Flag

    ABX bribed SLW with Silver at tin can prices 4 an alibi

    Barrick needed an alibi to keep stealing cash from unsuspecting public investors.

    Everyone would think that Barrick had been checked on title.

    In all due respect to public record, please visit the charade of maps delivered by barrick to Silver Wheaton regarding presentations to SAN JUAN ARGENTINA 2009 - III Region Chile.

    Charade indeed.

    Confront the same with Official information at www . minapascuachile . com showing clearly the maps from the SERNAGEOMIN and Military Institute of Chile, both border authorities.

    Finally some real maps to realize how pathetic are the lies of Barrick to SEC.

    Financial terrorism at its best.

    The last bastions of huge corporate fraud from the MADDOF WORLDCOMM ENRON BRE-X +++ era.

    Barrick is 100% guilty of rampant fraud to SEC and the public, banks, exchanges worldwide.

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    • Try reading all of the above again. Your so called questions have already be answered. You continue to fail and see reason. You and your fellow ABX trolls continue to look over and turn a blind eye to the information that has been provided to us all.

      ABX is the one who's silent in all this. ABX is cought filing claims with the authorities which are in the name of Mr Lopehandia. Why doesn't ABX respond publicly to MWR and Mr Lopehania's material publications? ABX looks guilty, they are required by TSX policy to repond to those material publications in MWR's multiple press releases.

      Reports have been posted here multiple times from expert Chilean mining surveyors recognize by the Chilean government as experts. The Chilean Government relies on those surveyors and those opinions hold a lot of legal weight. In those reports, it is concluded by two independent experts that Mr Lopehandia owns claims which ABX included their Pascua Lama Protocol. Mr Lopehandia started a website and posted those titles for all to see. Silver Wheaton had a 3rd party report done and it was concluded that Silver Wheaton never saw titles to the Chilean side of Pascua Lama but instead relied on legal opinion supplied by ABX.

      I have no idea why the regulators are moving slow on this issue. Time and time again, the regulators have proven to turn a blind eye to fraud. Bre-X, Enron, Maddoff to name a few.

      mtstack2000, you were in the same bias ABX boat that said Mountain West Resources may never trade again, well you were wrong to assume that. you have to be crazy to also assume MWR share price will stay at or below $.65 if Mina Pascua is stripped from ABX's assets. Why you continue to suggest MWR will need to issue 3-6 billion shares in order to buy the Mina Pascua option is beyond me, but you have your opinion.

      If ABX loses a $50 billion asset in Mina Pascua (Chile side of Pascua Lama) and MWR has the ability to buy 50% of that asset for $2 billion who will see a raise in share price and who will see a decrease in share price.

      Crazy that mtstack and his gang of ABX trolls are unwilling to add any reason why ABX says they own claims which are clearly not in the name of Barrick but instead in the name of Mr Looehandia.

    • the only part i don't get is why do you people respond to this nut?

    • LOL You are really intent on not answering any questions. I find that very telling. I would think that you would want to explain why this is such a good deal for MWR so that others would become interested in buying the stock (buying interest would raise the per share price), but you just ignore rational questions and blindly assert that all will be just peachy. Hope is not a viable investment strategy.

      Well true, you aren't required to answer anything, but you really ought to think about why JL is willing to sell a $25 billion asset to MWR for $2 billion and change. I have no idea why he would so I can't even make any suggestions.

      Actually my opinion is that this deal will never get as far as MWR exercising the option for any of the various cautionary statements that MWR included in their press release. As to the share price, we will see, won't we. As you suggest, all we need to do is wait.

      I do realize that you don't wish to answer any questions, so I'll revisit this issue when anything happens, such as MWR makes their next private placement, that will shed new light on the situation. Your inability to address actual questions has made this conversation quite uninformative.

    • Very sad, with the information I have seen and read at the website I cant understand how the SEC can protect ABX from this fraud and am hoping ABX will be halted soon when regulators start doing their job properly and stop protecting the big bad bear ABX

    • Then your idea MWR will need to raise 3-6 billion shares to by the Mina Pascua option show your bias.

      MWR will be worth more then $.65 if it's found ABX does not own Mina Pascua.

      To bad that this issue still remains behind closed doors with the regulators and exchanges. To bad ABX remains silent on the material info from MWR with Pascua Lama. Is this another Madeoff/SEC type fraud? Time will tell, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

    • I didn't agree or disagree with your answers. You gave the answers you wanted to hear. If it pleases you to answer your own questions, who am I to deprived you of that pleasure.

      OTOH, I would like answers to my questions. That's why I don't provide my own answers. Providing the answers with the questions shows that you aren't interested in hearing another viewpoint.

      As to whether the share price of MWR will remain at $.65, obviously it will not as the last two days price action shows. I'm sure that you would not have said that the share price would be $.54. No one can say what the share price will be tomorrow, let alone in a month or a year from now. The only thing that is certain is that MWR is valuing it's private placement at $.65.

      It will be interesting to see if the next private placement goes for the $.65 or if it is priced at or near the current market value of the stock.

      You have repeatedly asserted that the claims will be worth possibly $25 billion to MRW and the share price will reflect that value. Why do you think that JL is willing to sell these claims for $2 billion?

    • Your question has no substance if you agree with my anwsers.

      Interesting what share price MWR will reach if/when ABX gets stripped of the Mina Pascua asset. I'd say investors will be slow to react until investors fully understand and except the potential fraud and Mountain West Resources benifit.

      I still find it unbelievable you would think MWR would remain at $.65 and have to issue 3-6 billion shares once they aquire the option agreement for Pascua Lama (a $50billion+ gold mine). You cant blame me for thinking of you as an ABX troll with thinking like that.

    • Uh, what question did I avoid? You asked two questions and you answered them yourself. I assumed they were rhetorical. If they were actual questions to me, you would have not provided the answers. As you already gave the answers you wanted there was nothing for me to add.

      You have avoided my questions from the beginning.

      I have no idea what the future value of the shares of MWR will be, and neither do you. As of now, the MWR values the one share and one warrant at $.65 since that is their current private placement. Since that is what MWR currently values it's shares, that is the figure I used in my initial calculation.

      Arguement ad hominum does not help your case.

      But for MWR to have any value at all accrue to their shares deriving from JL's claims, they must enter the options agreement, which they have not done, and then pay to exercise the option. To exercise the option, MWR needs $1.9 billion.

      Again, what will the person(s) who finances 98% of MWR's capital (needed to pay to exercise the option) want in return for the financing?

    • That is true voodoo the ABX TROLLS refuse to see the bleeding obvious...

      They were scammed by Peter "skunk" Munk, "closed due to low Gold prices"... a USD40 Gold ounce cost mine?.... preposterous!

      Think again...

      The Copper component of MINA PASCUA sold forward, would produce all the cash needed for the mine, thus, 650+ million oz of Silver (18-20 billion or so) ... would be for free

      The same goes for the 18 million oz of Gold of MINA PASCUA.

      What other "asset" is left at Barrick with that GONE POTENTIAL due to ABX insiders fraud?

      Anyone, a junior or Senior miner will be able to get financing for MINA PASCUA from multiple ready investors, as mathematics are wonderful for the asset

      Barrick obtained many times financing in the Billions and billions to "open Mina Pascua 1994 to date"... All that cash is owed to Mina pascua owner by Barrick 2011.

      The crooks gloatted in cash 1994 to date never opening the mine or spending the cash raised in Chile.

      ABX, deceived SEC anywhichway they wanted TSX was oblivious to it all to the point of lies to Minister of Finances of Canada Minister of Mines of Chile and Argentina.

      Peter Munk is herein challenged to a public face off regarding Mina Pascua Chile ownership.

      The coward is so much of a crook that pretends that silnece shall get him exonerated.

      Not tjis time around you crook, the law has catched up with you peter munk and Brian Mulroney "libel crooks"

    • That's right, like a good little ABX troll avoid the question.

      Will MWR remain at $.65 once ABX is stripped of the Mina Pascua asset. Will MWR remain at $.65 once they pay into the option agreement for the rights to 50% of a $50 billion+ Gold project.

      You assert MWR will need to issue 3-6 billion shares in order to buy the option. This comment is pure BS, a joke and shows you for what you are and that's a ABX troll.

      Under your logic nobody will want MWR shares once they aquire the rights to buy 50% of one of the biggest gold mines in the world. Remember, nobody but MWR will have that right.

      Your logic would suggest ABX share price will not go down once Mina Pascua is stripped as a $50 billion asset.

      Your logic is flawed and paints you as a ABX troll.

      Have a nice day.

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