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  • voodoo.three voodoo.three Jul 15, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    ABX bribed SLW with Silver at tin can prices 4 an alibi

    Try reading all of the above again. Your so called questions have already be answered. You continue to fail and see reason. You and your fellow ABX trolls continue to look over and turn a blind eye to the information that has been provided to us all.

    ABX is the one who's silent in all this. ABX is cought filing claims with the authorities which are in the name of Mr Lopehandia. Why doesn't ABX respond publicly to MWR and Mr Lopehania's material publications? ABX looks guilty, they are required by TSX policy to repond to those material publications in MWR's multiple press releases.

    Reports have been posted here multiple times from expert Chilean mining surveyors recognize by the Chilean government as experts. The Chilean Government relies on those surveyors and those opinions hold a lot of legal weight. In those reports, it is concluded by two independent experts that Mr Lopehandia owns claims which ABX included their Pascua Lama Protocol. Mr Lopehandia started a website and posted those titles for all to see. Silver Wheaton had a 3rd party report done and it was concluded that Silver Wheaton never saw titles to the Chilean side of Pascua Lama but instead relied on legal opinion supplied by ABX.

    I have no idea why the regulators are moving slow on this issue. Time and time again, the regulators have proven to turn a blind eye to fraud. Bre-X, Enron, Maddoff to name a few.

    mtstack2000, you were in the same bias ABX boat that said Mountain West Resources may never trade again, well you were wrong to assume that. you have to be crazy to also assume MWR share price will stay at or below $.65 if Mina Pascua is stripped from ABX's assets. Why you continue to suggest MWR will need to issue 3-6 billion shares in order to buy the Mina Pascua option is beyond me, but you have your opinion.

    If ABX loses a $50 billion asset in Mina Pascua (Chile side of Pascua Lama) and MWR has the ability to buy 50% of that asset for $2 billion who will see a raise in share price and who will see a decrease in share price.

    Crazy that mtstack and his gang of ABX trolls are unwilling to add any reason why ABX says they own claims which are clearly not in the name of Barrick but instead in the name of Mr Looehandia.

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