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  • pascuaforensics pascuaforensics Jul 8, 2011 1:12 PM Flag

    ABX bribed SLW with Silver at tin can prices 4 an alibi

    Barrick needed an alibi to keep stealing cash from unsuspecting public investors.

    Everyone would think that Barrick had been checked on title.

    In all due respect to public record, please visit the charade of maps delivered by barrick to Silver Wheaton regarding presentations to SAN JUAN ARGENTINA 2009 - III Region Chile.

    Charade indeed.

    Confront the same with Official information at www . minapascuachile . com showing clearly the maps from the SERNAGEOMIN and Military Institute of Chile, both border authorities.

    Finally some real maps to realize how pathetic are the lies of Barrick to SEC.

    Financial terrorism at its best.

    The last bastions of huge corporate fraud from the MADDOF WORLDCOMM ENRON BRE-X +++ era.

    Barrick is 100% guilty of rampant fraud to SEC and the public, banks, exchanges worldwide.

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    • my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney my_name_is_dick_fcking_cheney Jul 8, 2011 4:57 PM Flag

      If your 100% certain, shouldn't you be buying up as much MWR stock possible? - with only 7,390 shares in MWR traded today, it's doesn't look like many people share your view of certainty.

    • shut the f#$@ up already..short the stock then fool

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      • Excuse me lady

        your beloved crooked investment is at risk

        like that?

        Short a stock? that is foolish or crooked or both, perhaps a way of life for some.

        My role is to forensically demonstrate that Barrick is a criminally oriented organization, milking its PASCUA PONZI SCHEEME.

        What is your role here?

        defend the undefendible?

        shutdown the messenger of truth and record?

        sorry lady, you have been taken by Barrick

    • Then your idea MWR will need to raise 3-6 billion shares to by the Mina Pascua option show your bias.

      MWR will be worth more then $.65 if it's found ABX does not own Mina Pascua.

      To bad that this issue still remains behind closed doors with the regulators and exchanges. To bad ABX remains silent on the material info from MWR with Pascua Lama. Is this another Madeoff/SEC type fraud? Time will tell, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was.

    • That is true voodoo the ABX TROLLS refuse to see the bleeding obvious...

      They were scammed by Peter "skunk" Munk, "closed due to low Gold prices"... a USD40 Gold ounce cost mine?.... preposterous!

      Think again...

      The Copper component of MINA PASCUA sold forward, would produce all the cash needed for the mine, thus, 650+ million oz of Silver (18-20 billion or so) ... would be for free

      The same goes for the 18 million oz of Gold of MINA PASCUA.

      What other "asset" is left at Barrick with that GONE POTENTIAL due to ABX insiders fraud?

      Anyone, a junior or Senior miner will be able to get financing for MINA PASCUA from multiple ready investors, as mathematics are wonderful for the asset

      Barrick obtained many times financing in the Billions and billions to "open Mina Pascua 1994 to date"... All that cash is owed to Mina pascua owner by Barrick 2011.

      The crooks gloatted in cash 1994 to date never opening the mine or spending the cash raised in Chile.

      ABX, deceived SEC anywhichway they wanted TSX was oblivious to it all to the point of lies to Minister of Finances of Canada Minister of Mines of Chile and Argentina.

      Peter Munk is herein challenged to a public face off regarding Mina Pascua Chile ownership.

      The coward is so much of a crook that pretends that silnece shall get him exonerated.

      Not tjis time around you crook, the law has catched up with you peter munk and Brian Mulroney "libel crooks"

    • the only part i don't get is why do you people respond to this nut?

    • The price of $.65 a share and the fact that MWR is selling warrants with the private placement shares are from MWR press release dated April 15, 2011. You can see the press release at

      "Mountain-West announces a non brokered private placement in the amount of $900,000 (the
      “Due Diligence Private Placement”). The Due Diligence Private Placement will involve the
      sale of units at the price of $0.65, with each unit consisting of one share and one share purchase

      I just don't make this up. I am taking MWR's word for what they think is the value of their stock. Note that they increased the amount of shares in this private placement after the April 15th press release.

      Then from their press release of July 4th:
      "Each Debt Settlement Unit will be comprised of one share and one share purchase warrant with each warrant exercisable to purchase a further share"

      So it seems to be their practice in their private placements to offer 1 share and 1 warrant as a unit. The terms of the additional private placement for working capital and funds to purchase the option agreement have not yet been announced.

      The worth of the option agreement has already been established by MWR and JL at $3 million. The worth of exercising the option agreement has already been established as 7% x 18,000,000 x Price of gold. (At this time approx. $1.9 billion.)

      If you are asking how much the underlying asset of 50% of JL's claims is worth, I don't know; but it doesn't matter. If MWR does not raise the money to exercise the option, they won't own it. You seem to be insinuating that the worth of the underlying asset will somehow pay for itself. That's like me contracting to build a $10 million house and when asked how I'm going to pay for it, I answer, "Do you know how much that house is worth?"

      I agree that MWR has 47.84 million shares outstanding at this time. After the private placement, they will have 1,001,850 / .65 = 1,541,308 additional shares, plus the same amount of additional warrants that can be converted to shares. Then the debt payment issuance is both shares and warrants, too. They are also obligated to make a further issuance for the payment $2.1 million to JL for the options agreement plus working capital, but the terms for that have not yet been set. So how many shares are going to be issued just to put the options agreement in place? You do the math.

      I see you again failed to answer how MWR is going to finance the $1.9 billion to pay for exercising the option. MWR does not have $1.9 million at this time, and must get it somehow. If you don't know how, just say you don't know, but if I were a stockholder, it would be a question I would be asking MWR management.

      I am very real. How will MWR finance exercising the option agreement if they do not issue more stock?

      Please answer the question. I've asked you politely multiple times yet all you give me is evasion and accuse me of trolling (albeit I don't think that is possible since this is the ABX message board and not the MWR board). I will continue to be polite and I will continue to reference my sources. You may call me names if that makes you feel better about your investment, but it doesn't answer the salient question, which you seem to be avoiding like the plague.

    • How far has everuyone deviated from the issue at hand.

      Barrick abused SLW to try to legitimize its PASCUA LAMA farce.

      Like Royalty Nuyers who knew they were buying the hole of the doughnut.

      anything to legitimize ABX activities

      If MWR is able to market cap Pascua once it is able to legally yanks the asset from ABX, then it shall finance itself.

      With the Copper, with 1/10th of the Silver no need to deep in in the 18 million ozs. of Gold

    • Well said voodoo, Barrick somewhere in their financials stated Pascua as a 70 Billion asset.

      The funny thing is that Barrick stopped drilling Pascua over 10 years ago in Chile when impeached at law to enter it.

      hence MINA PASCUA CHILE is half drilled, most drills are shallow and in metal.

      MINA PASCUA CHILE stands to double its reserves.

      Hence sky is the limit for new owners.

      As per Barrick exit of all world exchanges in shame is the only North.

    • That's right, like a good little ABX troll avoid the question.

      Will MWR remain at $.65 once ABX is stripped of the Mina Pascua asset. Will MWR remain at $.65 once they pay into the option agreement for the rights to 50% of a $50 billion+ Gold project.

      You assert MWR will need to issue 3-6 billion shares in order to buy the option. This comment is pure BS, a joke and shows you for what you are and that's a ABX troll.

      Under your logic nobody will want MWR shares once they aquire the rights to buy 50% of one of the biggest gold mines in the world. Remember, nobody but MWR will have that right.

      Your logic would suggest ABX share price will not go down once Mina Pascua is stripped as a $50 billion asset.

      Your logic is flawed and paints you as a ABX troll.

      Have a nice day.

    • And yes, setting a price does set the value. The value of the option between JL and MWR is worth $3 million. The value of exercising the option is $1.9 million. The value of the underlying asset of the gold, silver, and copper contained in the ore body has not yet been determined because no price has yet been set for it. There are only estimates of value. The value may change radically in the future at any time before the minerals are actually mined, refined, and sold.

      Trade 101: The fair market value of anything is determined by the exchange price of a willing buyer and a willing seller.

      The value of both the option agreement and the exercise of the option have been determined. Now if MWR exercises the option, which means they need to pay JL $1.9 million and then turns around and sells the claims to someone else, a new value for those claims will be determined. BUT the value for claims to metal in the ground will never be as high as the retail sales price of the metals as you suggest. Neither gold, silver, or copper jump out of the earth in dore bars.

      BUT before MWR can consider selling their interest, they need to buy it. (If they first actually enter the option agreement, which at this time they haven't done for various reasons.)

      You suggest a financial backer will provide the funds. Fine. Let's say MWR finds a venture capitalist who will provide the $1.9 billion. At this moment, MWR has a $33.5 million market cap. If a venture capitalist provides 98% of the capital, what do you think he would want in return?

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